Wednesday, April 01, 2020

How to Make a Bottle Top Button

This tutorial shows how to make the Bottle Top Button from my "20 to Stitch: Fabric Buttons" book, published last year by Search Press.

In a nutshell, the button uses a plastic bottle top - so you can use top from milk bottle, tonic or plain water bottles and even little cosmetic bottles (the tiny little bottles of conditioner in a box hair dye make cure buttons!).

You can also make a pincushion using the same method - just make a bigger circle in the second part and fill more firmly to make a nice big ball. 

The point of the button was that I was once told that most recycling places don't actually recycle the plastic tops. So, they should always be taken off of the bottle as they are a different plastic, otherwise the whole recycling batch can be rejected.

I know at the moment many, many people are self isolating, and in many areas of the UK recycling services have been stopped as it isn't really safe for the staff to be so close to each other. 

I hope to work on quite a few more tutorials and projects while we are working from home (once the book keeping has been sorted!), so watch this space.

Take care everyone, stay home if you are able, and heed advice. And if you are a key worked, thank you.

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