Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Stumpwork Embroidery - Mushrooms Part 2 / Stems and grasses

I have been very lapse with the blog I'm afraid - so I'd really like to remind everyone that I do post more regularly on Facebook and Instagram - mainly because I can add a simple sentence, as opposed to writing a blog that I am convinced is terribly boring...

So, what's been happening? Well, if you missed it we have brought out a little set of stumpwork embroidery tools. The above video is part 2 of a little series to show how to use them with a basic piece of embroidery - and hopefully inspire you to take it even further. Part 1 is of course available over on YouTube :)

We've been busy getting in new stock - expanding our embroidery range slowly (we've some gorgeous Rajmahal embroidery kits in stock), adding fabulous Wonderfil threads, and last week we finally have been able to start stocking Japanese Nori paste - which is the perfect glue for Kanzashi flowers. All of the Japanese craft books use it. 
It is also great for pasting fine papers for journals and fabrics. Just a really nice, non-toxic glue with a history dating back to 1899! I'm personally really pleased we are able to stock this, as I really like the product.

So, there's a quick catch up as I go back to doing paperwork - oh joy!!
Have a great day!


Friday, July 14, 2023

Tutorial - The "Changing Sides" button

Well, I have been rather lapse here on the blog, haven't I?
Just a little heads-up, if you "do" facebook or Instagram, that's probably the best place to find out what I'm up to in between posts...

Very busy week plus - our machine died, and we now cannot manufacture anything until the new one arrives next week. We've been re-arranging the unit, finding a place to put it, and generally sorting out. Certainly needed, but I'd rather be working on getting kits packed!

Speaking of working on, busy busy designing the next kits - something quite different, but that we've wanted to do for a very long time. I hope you all will like it. 

So, although we had a sell out - and it won't be available again until next week - I have also posted up a product support video for the Basketweave Button Kit, you'll find it here -

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Making gold tassels for the Royal Mews

Something a little different for my latest video.

I've been working on these tassels for many years, it is a wonderful experience to be entrusted with the fine materials and to know that these will play a role in important events for years to come.

Many have asked about the process, so while this isn't strictly a tutorial, you can see how these are put together.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Making a Round Twist Box

Here we are, another video!

Our new twist box templates sold out rather quickly when we launched on the Create & Craft channel - thank you! We were not expecting that. 

But of course, that means that the demonstration must be stopped as UK broadcasting law for TV shopping says so.

Which is always so annoying to people watching a craft channel. So, here's the steps for the round box, the square and hexagon (also included in the set) are a little easier as the base is made in one piece. But otherwise, they are made the same.

I do hope this helps.

I hope you are all enjoying the spring? We've had some rubbish weather, but as I write (waiting for a BT engineer to fix the internet connection and using a temporary one), the sun is shining bright and showing the bit that I missed dusting... haha!