Thursday, March 09, 2023

Making a coiled gimp cord button - new tutorial

I hope everyone is doing well? As I write, it is snowing here in Lincolnshire, and can't quite make up it's mind if it is staying around for a while. At least I have lots of layers on!

Been quite busy recently, juggling as you do. So, the latest YouTube is a little shorter than usual - which may mean it ends up my most watched :)

I've given an online course and am preparing for a few more, as well as working on new products. And a few commissions too. And goodness, we are about to get into spring cleaning season!

I have even bigger plans for a clear out this year. I've even started - and things are being sorted properly for recycling. hmmm.

Speaking of YouTube, we have a plan for a new series of videos. It is however taking some practice on my part. Fingers crossed it will work. If it does, you will of course find out about it here first!

Keep warm and well and safe everyone, and thanks for stopping by

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Three Ribs Grantham Button how-to

A new video over on YouTube today. This was a special request, so I hope that it helps! I've also added the way that I work the zig zag pattern at the end. I enjoy adding those sorts of details.

For those of you who don't know, this is a design from my Grantham Buttons booklet, using the Grantham Button looms/templates from our kit. You could, with patience work this using my original basketweave method (from by Buttons, A Passementerie Workshop Manual) - wrapping around the central stick, but I do honestly think the looms are easier for these fun buttons. 

I do like getting special requests for videos - I can't always promise to do them, but I can certainly pop them on the list and see how it goes! Sometimes the suggestions are perfect - when I get stuck for ideas!

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Making an embroidered bookmarker - with ladybugs & fingerloop braids

Well, my first post of this year is a bit late in coming! 
If you have followed me for any length of time, you'll know that I really don't like January - there always seems to be too much paperwork, its too cold, too dark, and the month too long.

It's nearly over now, yay!

This video shows the process I took to make the multi strand bookmarker that I created for our "Monthly Makes 2023" challenge on our Facebook group. 

I decided to only really monitor this in the Facebook group, and the button challenge and checking in across social media while still running the business became a little stressful at times last year. However, I do intend to repeat the weekly button challenge again, just not this year.

Basically, for the new challenge there are two sets of words, written on on pieces of paper. These are folded and placed into two little bowls (a certain dessert brand's bowls come in handy for this type of thing!).
At the beginning of the month, I will draw one from each and film it.

Those two words are the prompt.

Anything with a bit of textile can be made. No rules really. Use your stash perhaps, or try new techniques.

January's two words are 

And so, these ladybugs are my red creatures!

#monthlymake2023 #monthlymakejan #redcreature

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Introducing Gina's Grantham Button!

In this video I'll introduce our latest button template kit - Gina's Grantham Button©! 

 Why "Grantham"? Well, simply because we are based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK! 
And, if you make these using the right colour of wool they do rather resemble the famous Grantham gingerbread... ;) 

The basic basket weave pattern of the button CAN be found on historic examples. I first published a method of weaving this in my "Buttons, A Passementerie Workshop Manual" book. That method worked directly onto the button mould, and works very well. 

Over the years I've acquired a couple of originals, an the backing made me think that, on these two at least, the method was perhaps a little different (hard to tell, as both have linen thread backs which of course I will not cut!). This led me on to thinking about forms and templates. After a lot of experimentation, Mark & I came up with these. 

And the added bonus, you can make soft, tactile, balls or domes, or button covers.  

I'll also be bringing out a booklet with variations on the basic weave, as I have come up with quite a few!