Friday, February 09, 2024

Making a Mandala Button / Easy thread ring button (not a Dorset button!)...

And it's time for another video!
Only a week late on my self-imposed new schedule - not bad considering we had to take Toby to the vet last week (he's on the mend now!) and I had to re-film this as the first choice of colours was way too close to really see what I was doing!

Hopefully, you are all well, happy, and not too cold, wet, or otherwise concerned with winter weather. I am slowly getting into spring clean mode - as the sun changes I can see everything that needs doing. Even slightly contemplating re-decorating the bedroom this year...

I've had a couple of interesting online meetings this past week, and so new projects to work on.

I'll be teaching a Dorset button workshop at Debbie Shore's place in April, which should be lovely! Do you know, that Debbie was the presenter on my first-ever show on Create & Craft? That's going back some years.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. It never cease to amaze me that you can get sooooo much out of a few yards of thread and a ring! And spend an entire career on just this type of button! Nice work, dear.
    Our rain has moved off for a bit - hope it stays dry for the Super Bowl of Stitches fundraiser workshop tomorrow! My original EGA chapter has been doing these annually for 30 odd years (yes, made me blink!) and I am leading 32 (!) ladies through a Sardinian Knot Stitch design from Inspirations. Only thing left to do is baste one of my samples onto a T-shirt. Should be fun - many of the gang are competent embroiderers and if they can keep from chattering they will be fine - accurate counting is the real hard part - picked my first sample apart at least five times.
    About an hour ago we had a nice little earthquake 4.7 on the scale, centered a good 50 or 60 miles north. I know it sounds awful but these little guys are like having a few big pantechnicons thundering down the street at full speed. Folks closer to the center might have had more rocking but not much. Smaller aftershocks, of course, but nothing I've noticed, so no need for any concern!
    Must say that the clouds have been just glorious - big fat mounds and filmy streaks and blue, blue, blue sky - made us very homesick for England!
    Stay safe and warm and well (give Toby an extra pet from me?) as will we. xxx

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is a very good button for doodling, there are many who do it much better than I! I hope your day of stitching went well! What a good idea. You've said before about concentration with that technique. We haven't felt any earthquakes since we moved here, must be just out of range. There were quite a few when in our last place, a friend's cottage had quite a bit of damage a few years back. I know what you mean about the thundering though. Now living right by a main road, we may as well be experiencing them when some of those huge vehicles thunder by and hit a pothole!
      Stay safe and well and thanks - Toby will appreciate the extra! ;) xxx