Monday, February 26, 2024

Working Teneriffe square lace

My latest video over on YouTube is a tutorial of the steps to create one of the square lace patterns that come with our #8 Teneriffe lace loom. 

Different shapes can create their own sets of issues that must be considered. With a square shape, there are two main things to think about. The threads must be pulled more tightly for some designs along the straight sections - as they have to travel further. The corners, in contrast, are usually quite close together. 
The edge treatment can be a little more difficult too, with something like a scallop edge, the corner will be more rounded, which is natural.

And in other news, still cracking on. We've been working over the weekend (and still have quite a bit to do) re-arranging the unit, to get a new machine in place. I will say more when it does arrive - it is coming quite a ways and we have been trying to get it to us since October! It could all still fall through.

We have a Create & craft show on March 7th that we are also busy getting ready for, and the great Spring Clean has begun!

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