Friday, March 26, 2021

How to make an Almanac Journal (Bat Book) using the Almanac Maker Journa...

This week's video is a long one! You have been warned :)

I wanted to take you through using the new Almanac Maker Journal Tool as I know that many people are more visual - and after all, that's what YouTube is for!

I've also added extras about making different types of pages at the end too, so hopefully the longer video justifies the time you spend watching it!

There are all sorts of "advice" about length of video - oh they should only be short - oh they should be a half hour - but you know, the videos like this are meant to help our customers, so I would rather give them more info, not less.

It has been a busy week packing from the show, so thank you all. The shows were quite a laugh. And next week we'll start planning the next one. Which will be on "The Craft Store" - after 6 years, Hochanda is changing their name. How exciting!

Please stay safe and well everyone. We aren't out of the woods yet.


  1. Quite liked the extra bits at the end showing a few ways to play with the pages, and really like the variety of cover and page materials.
    Hope you've gone stark staring mad and taken a day off over the weekend! Have fun planning!
    I am suffering from a severe overdose of "Leave-it-itit" and am faced with an amazing number of piles - will start nibbling and tossing in the morning. I know I don't enjoy life when I get sloppy, but I still make messes. Well, one just has to keep at it, right?
    Do stay safe and well, all three of you. xxx

    1. Thank you! People don't always watch to the end of longer videos! No time off, all end of month book keeping I'm afraid, hence my slow reply. Still some to do, but there's only so much computer time a person can do. Howling wind here all weekend too, plus our clock have gone forward so am a wee bit knackered this morning. And today, to hopefully find that missing amount that just will not reconcile!!!
      Have a great day and stay safe and well xxx

    2. There is always something that persists in burrowing in and hiding when it is time to tidy up! And it doesn't help when month-end sneaks up on you like this one did - we must have blinked! xx

    3. Well, I never did find it - so an adjustment has had to be made. It'll probably turn up in a couple of months!

    4. Told you it climbed under everything! But I have faith in you - it will get winkled out soon. xxx