Sunday, June 13, 2021

How to make a fabric button with thick fabric / self fabric buttons livi...

Another short video this week. Yesterday was the last of my currently scheduled zoom courses, and I think it was the best. I have consistently tried to learn from each as to what I have done and could do to make the whole distance learning thing a bit better, and hope that my students also felt it was good!

Hot day here today, might just stay in and do the work stuff I need to do. Of course, just sitting in the sun is a good idea too...

We've another couple of shows this weekend over on The Craft Store - so of course quite a bit to do. Sadly, kit packing really can't happen outside. Would love to though!

I have joined a Facebook group just so that I can correct their post about Dorset buttons... I am officially obsessed (if I wasn't before) or would a Bore be a better word? 

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend. 


  1. Glad to see you hadn't fallen into a decline -merely pressure of work! Sorry it is so hot there too - my neighbor and I were commiserating last night and reminding ourselves that we do have August, September and October to come! Oh well, there are fans and cold drinks and ice cream!
    Like the video - you did a good job of conveying the patient, fiddly process. Do you have a callous on the right thumb tip? I have to resort to pliers or forceps to work my needles through the thick places now - slows everything down a lot, but this is not a race! I can see why you kept the scraps of wool from that garment - it looks lovely and must feel terrific.
    The refrigerator is still roaring away - seems that new gaskets are not inexpensive! However, the beer remains cold and the ice cream mostly frozen so I won't stress.
    The decayed tooth is still in my mouth - I will get a super xray soon which will show very clearly the damage and the material left to work with - looks like the rest of the year is booked :( Dr. D. has mentioned braces as one of the options - that's what I get for mentioning the impression molds! Am so glad the tooth died - at least there is no pain!
    Do take a few minutes to sit in the sun and just breath - it will make the packing and the book keeping and the housework go faster, I promise!
    Hugs all around! Stay safe and ell, as are we. xxx

    1. Yes, I'm running around and shall catch myself coming I think. Electricity inspection all day yesterday so no power. So still running the catch up game.
      Its really warm here too. Might not get a video sorted for this week, as the shows are on Saturday this time.
      No callous - i tend to use my nail. I have quite strong thumbnails usually. I was never any good at wearing thimbles. I've tried a fair few but tend to just avoid the finger that has a thimble, causing damage to the next haha.
      Braces! Wow. Yes, very glad for your sake it has died. The pain would be horrible otherwise.
      I have to go and finish the handout for the students from Saturday. Honestly, I can't get over how behind I am lately. :) Onwards and upwards! May your fridge keep cooling - and you both stay safe and well xxx

    2. Remember those time lapse films they used to show in school? Morning glories whipping around madly 'til they find something to hang onto? I think a time lapse of me sleeping the last few night might have been just as funny - sheet only with one foot out, foot in, one blanket on, everything off - all night long, with a great deal of flumping and grumping at each change of layering. What do you think -the next internet sensation? ;)
      I suspect that have added one too many plates to the line - we can only keep a certain number of plates spinning on their sticks and it gets very stressful when we push it. Electrical inspections count as a plate! Hope having that behind you makes a tiny bit of difference.
      Scheduled for a scan of the lower jaw next week, which will show the place where the planned implant will go and the place where the tooth is eating itself. (Sounds really yucky!) Then we can plan the next thing. Good thing Don built us a good cushion!
      I get to zoom teach a week from Thursday for one of the local embroidery guilds - Nyz - Ukrainian pattern darning. Which means I really must stitch up a large scale sample and assemble some reference material to email people. Luckily I know everyone and they know me so it isn't as bad as a group of strangers.
      Remember to take a break - step outside, some deep breathing, a hug or two, a short glass of something cool. Looking forward to the Saturday things. All of you stay safe and well. xxx

    3. Yes, I can see that being the next viral video! :)
      So good to hear there is a plan in place for your tooth.
      Excellent news about the zoom course! Yes, I found having larger things were a help to illustrate - I even drew a few times to show what I meant, and my lighting changed a little over each one too, I downloaded some free software to turn my old mobile phone into a webcam, which meant I had two - the one on my laptop for my face, and the other set up for my hands. That was a big help.
      Yes, a bit of outside time will definitely happen - this in England, it could be snowing next week ;) We will enjoy the sun while it is here. Stay safe and well xxx

    4. Well, all I got for suggesting the next run away video was "that Look", so I won't be coming to the small screen any time soon!
      Had a long overdue morning with an old friend. We are allowed to visit each other unmasked if all involved have had their full set of plague jabs, so I packed a lunch and had a really nice time. We showed each other our makes over the last year and a half (she is learning machine free motion quilting and has done some delightful small quilts, and she is a brilliant knitter).
      Don was out to lunch Wednesday with old friends and he brought home a pastrami on rye with a side of three bean salad! What a guy! It went a long way when he went out that same evening to play poker with another batch of old buddies.
      I do know what you mean about your weather - it can be snowing on you and clear as a bell and dry just a few miles away! No wonder people say the English are absorbed with the weather - they have to be! And no sane person leaves home without rain protection of some sort.
      Stay safe and well. xxx

    5. Your day sounds absolutely lovely. It is good to be able to see old friends again. To just do a few "normal" things isn't it? And pastrami on rye! You have trained him well, lol!
      Yes, thunderstorms expected today (so far a bit of rain). Everything needs a little rain, the weather is very hot and muggy at the moment - a break will be good, so fingers crossed it isn't violent or enough to cause flooding.
      Yes, you do fall into a pattern of weather watching very quickly, haha!
      Stay safe and well xxx

    6. So I'm looking at the new kit, thinking you were channeling your inner Clarice Cliff, when you said C.C. had been the inspiration for the motifs! That was a fun show, but no wonder you were frazzled, what with a new kit to get out and enough of everything else you brought along to fill the orders, and all ganutell kits to get up. I hope you have a few hours R&R Sunday!
      Forgot to tell you - not only did Himself bring home a nice sandwich, there was a medium slice of a killer chocolate cake that I split between the two of us and even then it was almost too much chocolate! I am always surprised that there actually can be too much chocolate - doesn't seem as if there could be such a thing ;)
      Stay safe and well. xxx

    7. Thanks for watching! A little bit of R&R, but not much. Had to finish packing kits lol!
      I had a chocolate cake once with too much chocolate. It's a rare thing, I know!
      Stay safe and well both of you xx

    8. I have a recipe for a chocolate cheesecake that says it serves 12 - I've served 24 and more with no one asking for more - richest thing I've ever made! I haven't made it in a long time - not too many people I'm willing to put in the time and money for ;( Strange how my circles has closed, what with deaths and changing lives. Oh stop glooming! Right now is good! And we are in pretty good nick, and our problems aren't earth shattering! And we've had our jabs, and our spouses love us and we love them, and we are safe and well! Hugs all around!!!! xxx

  2. Short jaunt down the road for the super deluxe xray and a delicious sandwich for lunch - a month before the periodontist can see me ( but I am on the cancellation list) so I'd better take care not to bite anything with my poor front tooth!
    Hope all the packing and shipping is moving along in an orderly fashion - don't forget the breaks to breathe and hug! Safe and well! xxx

    1. Maybe you'll have to half the recipe so that you can still enjoy it. xx Yes, packing moving along at a pace. Should get most everything out today and then it is on with end of month paperwork before it is too late! The joys of self employment strikes again. Hope all went well with the appointment. Stay safe and well both of you xxx

  3. Halve the recipe? What a novel idea! I may just give it a go ;)
    And a very merry month end to you, to you! Hope there aren't too many stray bits - reconcilement was always Don's bugbear when he was with the bank.
    Made it through the zoom meeting this morning. Not too sure anyone really got any good from it but luckily we can meet in person next month since the meeting place allows small groups of vaccinated to gather. It was very odd to see all 15 or so in their little screens - it has been as much as three years since I've participated in anything and darned if we haven't gone and got old! How did that happen?
    Don bought me a chocolate, peanut butter, Heath Bar ice cream concoction a reward ! It does pay to be a good girl and meet the obligations!
    Enjoy the weekend and stay safe and well all of you. xxx

    1. oh that ice cream sounds nice. Sorry, I missed this with my staying off the computer for a while. Which of course has put me behind with bookkeeping, but needs must. I am glad your zoom meeting went well. It takes some getting used to, but I am glad it exists. I think it will get better as people get used to it. Me especially haha! And not old, more sophisticated! keep well and safe xxx

  4. Gave myself the gift of a view of a few Emmett cartoons - I do believe most of my notions of England are based on his work in a annual my grandparents had. Why else would Nellie and company ring so true?
    Have had to stop embroidering for a few days - stressed the right hand to the point of rebellion. Thank goodness for aspirin and braces!
    Stay safe and well. xxx

    1. Oh no, rest it well, you have my sympathies on that one. My sinuses are working overtime, terrible earache and having trouble with my foot. Hence silence this end - computer stuff is taking a bit of a back seat while I can (hard to read thanks to sinus). I will be back in a better place next week I'm sure! Have had a cream tea to cheer me up! Stay safe and well both of you xxx

    2. Oh Sweetie! Sinus AND earache? The foot must have felt like the very last straw! We both are very empathetic with the earache - both suffered mightily in childhood. And I wake up with ice picks in my sinuses when the low clouds hold in the sinus irritants, so I do know how very miserable that is. I do hope this finds all bits a little better, and you have lots of good thoughts flying in.
      The bad hand was my own darned fault - had three projects going at once - one with a TINY quilting needle, one needing pliers and a lot of swearing to get the thread through, and the third in wool on slightly too tight a fabric - I really did deserve to spent a week strapped up. Hope I've learned my lesson, but will find something equally painfully stupid to do next time :(.
      Cream tea sounds very theraputic! Hope the week is better - hugs to all. Stay as safe and well as you can! xxxx

    3. Aww thanks. Yes, fluid behind my eardrum in both ears, thankfully not infected but the one side just feels like there's a marble in there knocking about. Cream was lovely though, even though my hips won't thank me (especially as I can't walk it off haha!)
      Well you told me off enough when my thumb was playing up, so now it is my turn - rest rest rest! And use a bigger needle, lol xx
      Stay safe and well both of you.