Friday, October 15, 2021

How to attach a small thread covered ball button - 3 ways!

It's that time again - double video upload!

It's easier to upload the little product support videos just before a general video - otherwise the little video that only has a small audience messes up the algorithms for searches (the link to the short will be below). And the channel goes further down the list of recommended channels. More things to learn as a small business owner!

The main video came about after questions from the previous video about actually sewing on the thread covered ball bead. Of course, there are still other ways - I may well compile them into another video at a later date. I hope this is clear for you. I personally like the last way and use it quite a bit. You can make the buttons into jewellery this way to.

Plodding along - this weekend will be getting some samples ready for the big launch next weekend of the next book in the Making Buttons series - "Thread Wrapped Buttons". This edition looks at the basic wrapped styles with a few that include some weaving - but I've left the more complex weaving for a later edition. But I have included my "backwards wrapping" technique :)

Stay safe and well and have a lovely weekend

Thread Wrapped Buttons Book by Gina Barrett


  1. A useful pair of posts! The third attachment method was used to make a cuff bracelet - leather cuff, gorgeous antique military buttons, and real sinew for the fastening 'string'- looked fabulous! But - sinew is hard when dry and it chewed up my friend's wrist -not fun. I had a scrap of thin suede that I cut to fit and lightly glued in - he now wears that cuff often and thinks of the maker and me!
    Glad to see that there are a few more days before BOOK LAUNCH!!!! Don't get writer's cramp signing copies - I think Toby could take on that task - oh, no thumb ;(
    If I don't talk to you before the show, travel safely and have fun. Stay well and warm and safe. Hugs all around. xxx
    ps: may I post a note about as a source for colour ideas on the Facebook page? It may help some of our friends. C in C

    1. Oh the cuff sounds wonderful! What a good idea. Thank you for the well wishes for the book. I do wish Toby could help haha! I hope you are both ok? Currently I'm all out of alignment and not doing so well. Or perhaps currently in alignment after too long out of it?
      I hadn't heard of design-seeds - yes, sounds good. Interesting resource! Stay safe and well both of you xxx

    2. Glad you fixed my typo ;)
      The storage/display book is fabulous!
      Safe and well and hugs to all. xxx
      p.s.: Tell M I really like the buttons and stripe pattern on Spoonflower. Have a hard time picking a fabric, but I WILL have some!

    3. It is a great resource that site, well recommended! Aw I will tell him. I keep saying he needs to do some more, maybe this will encourage him, haha. Hope you are both keeping safe and well. xxx

    4. Yahoo!!!! New prescription glasses are on my nose!!! The lenses weigh even less than the old ones, which is huge relief after a week of ancient heavy glass lenses and headaches. The drive home was nice - I finally could read that shop sign ;)
      We are both entirely safe and well, barring a bit too much stooping and filling garden trash barrel on Don's part. I hope you get yourself back aligned soon - maybe hang by your heels to get it all back in place? Anyway, stay safe and well all three and hugs all around. xxx

    5. Yay!! So pleased they work well, nothing worse then new glasses that take a while to get used to. Hanging by my heals sounds a good plan at the moment. I'm sure it will sort out.
      Am glad you are both well. stay that way! Hugs all round. xxx