Friday, November 05, 2021

More Teneriffe Lace stitches

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence - the book launch went well, which of course has meant a lot of packing for us both - not least with the launch bundle that we've put together. It takes a little while to get ourselves caught up. 

Today's video is a few more Teneriffe lace stitches, put together in a roundel. I'm enjoying working these - although I think some will end up looking rather crazy due to changing the colour of the thread for clarity - not for design. 

This weekend some winter cleaning. As soon as the clocks change and the sun is lower, I feel the need for a good clean before winter sets in properly. Wish me luck - it's gonna be a long one!

Take care, and thank you all for making the book launch a success. We really appreciate it.


  1. Your teneriffe tools are just the bomb! Congratulations to Team Silkworks for coming up with truly innovative and useful tools. Mind you, I don't think I'm likely to suddenly turn into a lace nut, but these are just the ticket for anyone who wants to give it a go or broaden their design options.
    Glad to know you've caught up with the shipping - always a sigh of relief to have everything safely on the way.
    Now about this housekeeping stuff ----- Ok, I do understand the urge to have a tidy burrow before hibernation, but don't overdo! Mind your back and hit the worst spots. And don't forget to fish out the warm sweaters, scarves, and hats.
    Stay safe and well. Hugs all around. xxx

  2. Looked up an d realized the sunset was near - oh, yes, time change - walk at 4pm or earlier - earlier to get some vitamin D! I think they should just leave time alone - they've got Greenwich to count from! Let us leave it at that!
    Excavating the pile on the right on the bed - found several half finished things - do I really get that bored with something? Or is the pull of a new project so strong? Don't retire or stop having some sort of plan - chaos is wearing. ;(
    Hope the next show prep is coming along - you three are often in my thoughts. Safe and well, as are we! xxx

    1. Some cleaning successfully done - managed to get the steam cleaner out which does start to freshen up things quite a bit. Can't do anything but take it slow - my feet won't let me be on the too long. However, I daren't go anywhere near unfinished projects... that would just be a recipe for disaster. I certainly wouldn't managed to clean! For me, it is usually an interruption of some sort - one that takes a while, so by the time I am ready to sit and be creative again, the next thing is already there. I just need longer "sit on my bum" time I guess.
      And don't get me started on clock changes. My body clock (and Toby's to be fair) means we just get up earlier. Arggh.
      Stay safe and well, both of you xx

    2. All the cats used to hate the time changes - it put their meal times askew - but then cats hate all change except any they make themselves!
      I finally got three small designs by Nan Caldera completed, with more or less the right beads and found a fourth one while looking for assembly materials - needlebooks and etuis. I'll have Himself send an Email. I've done a lot of her small stuff and half a dozen larger samplers - love her pallette and her border designs, and I think there are some embroidered buttons lurking in there! Have not decided whether to make a big fancy wreath with all the ornaments arranged, with bows and girly fluff, to use as a raffle fundraiser for one of the embroidery groups, or just give them to a group to use as favors at an annual fundraising event. In fact, what to do with any of the stuff - son, D.i.L.,and two grandgirls don't want any of it! Button group ladies were looking at the same difficulty - I think the Belleek could be sold by The Assistance League who use all the money for dental and vision care and clothing, shoes and supplies for local children - really practical help.
      Enough nattering! Stay safe and well, all three, and hugs all around. xxx

    3. You have been busy - I'll look out for the email! I know what you mean though, it's back to the whole clearing and cleaning of a few months back. I am still slowly downsizing, but of course am not ready to get rid of many things, which is just as well, as no one I personally know would want my buttons, or really much of my supplies. Wreath or favors. That's a tough one. Fundraiser might make you feel better about the work involved in the making...
      Right, onwards and upwards, too much to get through again today. Stay safe and well both of you xxx

    4. Please laugh at me - I've been reading up and down and back and forth on this laptop, because I KNOW you said there was a new mattress and I could not find the sentence - picked up the printed out e-mail Don does for me (because I can't seem to learn how to do my own) and voila - new mattress!!! Hope everyone sleeps well. And how nice to know that there are no dust bunnies lurking underneath. We due for new mattresses also - seems so silly to sleep them into squashed lumps, but we always do. Anyhow, enjoy!
      I have a simple headset and should probably go up a notch and get better lenses and lights - seems the eyeballs have gone astigmatic on me, in addition to the usual old age shifts. Did not realize how very lucky I was to simply take off my glasses to see closeup all those years ;)
      We had a really lively day -out to lunch at a place that has good hamburgers and fabulous malts (pumpkin pie!!!) to share and then a bit more food gathering at the store that carries the best coffee and vegetables and a stop at a hole in the wall for fresh cash! I was so tired I had to go have a nap!
      Safe and well and hugs all around. xxx

    5. I will be thinking of both our fathers today. C

    6. Mattress delivery very very efficient - they took away they old, having sent us a bag to wrap it in when we ordered. As they are the manufacturers, they also strip down and recycle - not a pleasant job I imagine mind you!
      I found it very comfortable and a huge difference - the other was obviously more lumpy than I thought haha. However, I do expect to ache for the next few days as my body adjusts to not sinking!
      Sounds like you had a good foraging trip! We are hoping to get to our favourite place soon, feeling the need for fancy tea!
      Take care and stay safe

    7. Good luck tracking down something choice in the tea line - we are partial to Fortmason blend and try to bring a packet home - it costs three arms and a leg to ship! (Well, you kids know about shipping ;) )
      You've got me poking around, looking at hybrid mattresses - ours are getting pretty wonky. I like the idea of innersprings and not solid foam, which is way to hot and hard to move on. And hopefully the one we pick will haul away the old bodies - that may be a deciding factor.
      I had a zoom workshop this morning on a particular type of Ukrainian embroidery - yup, I know I said I wasn't going to do any more zooming but I really wanted to see how it was done. Turns out it is done just like the drawings show and I am sitting here slaving over little wooly flower things, trying to get it to come out right. If you don't hear from me for a while you will know I've gone shrieking down the street in frustration! However, when it does eventually come around, I'll send pictures.
      Hope the prep for the next show is moving along according to plan.
      Do stay safe and well, all! xxx

    8. Sorry for the delay in replying - show prep went mad. I seemed very unorganised this week - I wasn't, but I felt as though I was, if that makes sense?
      I am pretty amazed that our old mattress had a 10 year warranty and decided to collapse at 10.5, haha!
      It is handy though that you can do the class online. No travelling long distances or paying for hotels! I find myself watching tutorials more and more these days. I'm sure you will manage and your wooly flower things will look wonderful!
      Right, tea, feet up and answer the rest of the emails before the packing begins...
      Stay safe and well both xxx

    9. Jolly good show! Not big on mid century modern, then or now, but the new kit IS a sweety! And it was terrific to hear the plug for Yoko - and wasn't she tickled with her custom made sparrow bottle caps? So sweet with the ribbon falling into a heart shape. And it must be nice to learn that you've got your presenter making cardi buttons! Well, team GinaB!!!!!
      Did some rootling around last night and found a number of posts in different places about my Ukrainian woolies - need to have Don catch and print them for me - the newest and most complete book on the subject is only in Ukrainian, costs $150.00, and almost that much to ship - I don't think I need it that badly, but I sure want it! Silly! Nothing like champagne taste on a beer budget, eh?
      I do understand about the frazzled feeling getting ready for the show. We know exactly how to get everything ready, assemble all the bits, some of it is truly automatic and yet our silly brains go off in left field and start telling us it is all going to ---- in a hand basket. Truly weird! Anyway, all is well and you and Mark and Toby are safely home and ready to pack furiously and prep for the next show. Do stop and take a nice deep breath regularly and give themselves a good hug. Safe and well all. xxx

    10. Hope the weekend has had a few restful and/or entertaining elements - ours has included a dead car, service truck callout, new battery (glad I got home yesterday - long walk or very expensive cab ride) and a new pair of shoes for himself - only pair in entire store but seem comfy and no complaints on walkies. I, meanwhile, am still wrestling with little wool flowers and having a third try at a foot or so of hemstitching - this accounts for the odd noises coming from my part of the world!
      Stay safe and well, all. xxx

    11. Oh no, so glad you got home first. And that is was a basic issue, not something too major. Not that batteries and call outs aren't pricey, but you know what I mean :) Plodding along here, really trying to catch up on housework and paperwork, with debateable results. I seem to have a very long list of things I am behind on! (Including my blog and videos) Hopefully an efficient day today, and a bit more knocked off the list. Take care both, and stay sae and well xxx

  3. Dear All: Wishing you and the families a Thankful Day! We had the ultra traditional meatloaf with potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie for afters. I know that it isn't a holiday in the U.K., but that is ok ;) I'm just thankful to be here in fairly good order, with nice people to talk to.
    Hope all the spinning plates are whirling around - do try not to add any more! It is tough not to be tempted when the holiday season arrives, but there is a limit, and I have good cause to know what happens when you overreach. Go give himself a good solid hug and a good pet to Toby! Take a deep breath and stay safe and well! xxx

    1. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you two as well! We actually managed to get the afternoon off, have a small turkey dinner - and I made a pumpkin pie (managed to order a tin of pumpkin ages ago) so all is well. We have always tried to have a little mini celebration.
      Yes, spinning a lot of plates at the moment, and intend to have a dang good lie-in tomorrow. It is the busiest time of year for the business, so it is good reaching this point when we are too old for the rounds of parties and socialising that otherwise goes with the season lol! Stay safe and well both of you xxx

    2. I always did think that 'parties' were an over-rated commodity and now I know they are! And duty lunches are really the pits, especially when the food ain't that good. It is nice to be past most of that stuff.
      Hope the lie-in was a success. My cat used to come and bother me to do cat mommy things! Unless I was really ill, then it was just be on the bed, radiating comfort. We have had good cats over the years.
      I think I'll wait and order my books in the new year - so I will not feel that I'm adding to the craziness, but also because I am still working my way through the Dutch courses - who knew there was so much needlework going on on one tiny little island (Marken)?
      Almost out of bread and yoghurt - going to try a shopping run - cross your fingers!
      Safe and well, all three, and hugs all around! xxx

    3. You know, I think one of the greatest boring things about being 75 is the immense difficulty in dealing with one's toes! I just do not bend the way I used to - frustrating and irritating in the extreme.
      Do stay safe and well, and hugs all around. xxx

    4. If it is ay consolation, I currently don't bend the way I used to either! Didn't get the lie-in - Toby needed his routine (not always the case, but it was this weekend).
      I loved the little button you posted, I don't blame you for cracking on with the courses. It's good to stick to one thing while the brain is focused too. Trying to do a few can get complicated, that's for sure. We are still cracking on - Mark's had his booster and mine next week, so very happy about that. We are back to having to wear masks in shops - of course I haven't stopped, but I am glad it is a rule again. Am a little tired of seeing people not giving a hoot again. Well, onwards and upwards, time for some paperwork!
      Stay safe and well both of you