Thursday, December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas!

Whatever, however, you celebrate the season, we wish you a good one.

For us, it is Christmas, and I will hopefully be in my dressing gown at least until lunch time! I'll have to get dressed for Toby's walk of course. 😄 

Thank you all for your support this past year. We really appreciate it. 

Stay safe, stay well and healthy, and enjoy the season.



  1. I know the mince pie was a success! I am the only person in my family who cannot make scratch pie crust, usually without a recipe, so I was very grateful when they created thaw and fill crusts ;). Even my great grandmother made good pie crust, with one arm !!!!! And mince! Have you ever made it from scratch? One of my sisters did, but it was really hard to get the right suets and meats - we stuck to the jars or condensed blocks.
    Anyway, I hope all has been peaceful and not terribly cold for you. I think we are at about the same temps this week, so glad to have that sweater and the cozy footwear. Of course, I have been engaged in nightly wrestling matches with the bedcovers - it's me - 4, bedcovers - 5!
    The Minako inspired button is lovely - I went and looked at her facebook pictures - so talented. And thank you for a year of interesting and fun things, on Facebook and the craft channel and here!
    Best wishes to you and Mark and Toby for a very happy, healthy, safe, and warm 2022! xxxx

    1. Happy Betwixtmas! A friend said this this week, and I thought it quite fitting for this in between week! Mince pies were a success, but not homemade mince. I do have a pastry recipe that I have used forever and always works for little pies and tarts. I am not a good baker. I understand the secret to good pastry is cold hands. Mine are usually cold! I have made mince from scratch - but not for a long time. But not the old style with meat. Suet is still pretty easy to get here, which is handy. Mark's mum used to make her own Christmas pudding and cakes, that is much easier to buy!
      It has just been dull and dreary weather-wise lots of water on the ground, cess not able to run off as well as it should, and the sun not properly coming out to play. Ah well. At least it isn't too cold for the time of year.
      And all of the very best wishes to you and Don for an equally happy, healthy, safe and warm 2022! xx