Thursday, January 13, 2022

Adding a ring shank & button back PLUS Community contributions One Butto...

I'll be writing two blog posts this evening - one over on the One Button a Week blog as well as here - both slightly different...

Today's is a new video - with a little bit of an explanation of how I have made my button for this week, but more importantly, one of the methods I use to add a ring shank and backing to a button. 

Ring buttons are supposed to be "sew-throughs" of course. However, if you are working a Dorset tree, or posy, there will be spaces, that can look odd - a beautiful landscape and then the wrong colour fabric showing through, kinda ruins it. And you know, I also hate it when I've made a lovely ring button and someone sews it on badly, ruining my work.

So, here's one solution.

At the end of the video there are some community contributions for the first week of the challenge - pop over to that blog for pictures and more info about that.

Stay safe and well all. 


  1. Useful, as usual, and the Toby pup adds the right touch - amazing how he can convey so much with a few barks!
    I have difficulty finding closed jump rings but have some to be going on with, so will be backing any open, airy buttons with this method - easier to mount on cards with covered wire than a thread shank.
    We going along well here - weather ranging from balmy sunshine to grey gloom with some slight rain - typical So. Cal. winter. Overall health is good for both and I am sporting a lovely new implanted molar! Monday I get to see my darling endodontist and get a root canal. Don't shriek - he really is a lovely little man and he is very, very good and almost painless. He told us about the Silver Vaults in London!
    Am making buttons for the weekly challenge - good for the fingers and the brain ;). Will post as completed and the IT department can get to it. Liked the group pages - that was fiddly cutting and pasting! Well done, sweetie.
    Hugs all around and stay safe and well and warm. xxx

    1. Ha, Toby barking at the wrong time... every time! Your should have heard what I cut! He goes absolutely bananas when next door walks their dog by the house, and barks and whines and I have had to start all over again on some videos! Glad that you are both doing well. I hope the root canal goes well, sorry but I am shrieking! Poor you. Yes, a lot of cutting and pasting, I hope I can keep up though as everyone really seemed to enjoy seeing them. Stay well and safe and warm both of you xxx

    2. That cheering an hour or so ago was me! Turns out not to need root canal, just not clenching and grinding at night and a paste for sensitive teeth! So we got a nice walk around the complex of offices which has a lovely series of waterfalls and streams - very soothing in the middle of the city, I got to see my endodontist friend, and we had a delicious sandwich lunch. Hooray for our team!
      Maybe Toby should have a little sound proof cupboard to visit while Mum is filming? No - he would yell himself sick and tear things up when he got out ;(.
      Safe and well and warm! xxx

    3. Oh that is good news! Have you tried a tooth guard (as sportsmen often wear) they can help. I had terrible issues with grinding when I was young until my jaw was out of alignment and have to have a special version of the same made to wear at night. But many do just use the generic ones to kick the habit and protect the teeth. As for Toby, no, he's not like that, is quite silent when he is shut out of a room, listening to what you are doing. He just doesn't like the dog next door :)
      Stay well and safe! xx

    4. A blinking blue light on the house corner so the neighbors walk a different route? Funny how only fur people hate other fur people - all the cats were onlys and tried their best to get out there and beat up those evil outside cats.
      Safe and well! xxx