Sunday, January 29, 2023

Making an embroidered bookmarker - with ladybugs & fingerloop braids

Well, my first post of this year is a bit late in coming! 
If you have followed me for any length of time, you'll know that I really don't like January - there always seems to be too much paperwork, its too cold, too dark, and the month too long.

It's nearly over now, yay!

This video shows the process I took to make the multi strand bookmarker that I created for our "Monthly Makes 2023" challenge on our Facebook group. 

I decided to only really monitor this in the Facebook group, and the button challenge and checking in across social media while still running the business became a little stressful at times last year. However, I do intend to repeat the weekly button challenge again, just not this year.

Basically, for the new challenge there are two sets of words, written on on pieces of paper. These are folded and placed into two little bowls (a certain dessert brand's bowls come in handy for this type of thing!).
At the beginning of the month, I will draw one from each and film it.

Those two words are the prompt.

Anything with a bit of textile can be made. No rules really. Use your stash perhaps, or try new techniques.

January's two words are 

And so, these ladybugs are my red creatures!

#monthlymake2023 #monthlymakejan #redcreature


  1. What a pretty gift for yourself or someone you like very much! I am surprised Toby did not put in an appearance as a braiding stand weight - probably too busy keeping warm someplace! Yes, it is fiddly but what fun!. Thanks for making this for us.
    Our high temp. today us 51' F, so a trifle cool - the gas bill will be awful. Don says I'm not to worry - he won't let me have frozen extemities. And there was some good rain in the middle of the night and more coming tonight - our snow level is at 2,500 ft. which means there is a lovely chain of white caps looking north and east. Good for the ski business! The highway patrol was convoying cars and trucks over the big passes - glad I don't have to try that! Hate driving in snow and sleet.
    Last rain storm made my drive up to Santa Barbara amazing - all the usually sleeping lion hills and mountains have gone green, green, green! And it won't be long before the wildflowers will start splotting poppy gold and lupin blue around ( I hope!).
    Glad this year seems to be starting a bit less hectic than last year -I had a feeling that having to change providers was very much a plate too many to twirl. Hugs all around, and stay safe and warm and well - we are! xxx

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed making this. I saw that someone had bad ice/sleet in Texas too, make sure you stay warm! It's definitely been a long johns and wool jumper sort of winter for us, though not too much by way of snow (they are forecasting for next week I think). Hopefully not, as we are currently in a courtesy car as ours just went weird - the electrics and software apparently. Wouldn't it be nice to have an old fashioned mechanical car! We are still in the process of moving things, but finding the new site so much easier to manage. Stay safe and well! xxx

  2. Oh - I did not know you were moving workspace as well as internet space! I should think you both are ready to fall into a chair with suitable libation every night of the week! Glad the new place seems to be more useable ( and I do hope you can warm it up a bit so you don't have to look like a little Eskimo lady while trying to fill orders).
    Sorry to hear Car had hysterics - and yes, I do think it would be nice to have a plain car! I really miss my '42 Ford coupe, even after many years.
    Don and I did a fun jaunt today - drove up Vermont Avenue, which is about 23 miles of north/south corridor in Los Angeles. We realized that in 55 years we had never lived more than a mile or two away from it, or on it! So we went north, looking at previous residences. One has totally disappeared but the other two are still intact and lived in! Very odd to travel through old neighborhoods and see so much change and odder still to get into the oldest section and see so little change. Both our faces ached from smiling so much!
    Stay warm and safe and well. xxxx

    1. Oh no - not workspace - goodness, I'd a month off to move that. No, now the trade website has to be moved, and the online courses took some time to get switched out. So it is actually just all of the online stuff. It is easier than trying to keep up with all of the changes the internet brings every 10 seconds on our own. Get tech people to deal with it.
      So I will continue to be wrapped up to the nines while packing orders!
      What a lovely little journey! When I last looked on google, my grandparent's apartment block was gone, my Florida home, and my teenage home totally rebuilt...
      Stay safe and well xx

  3. Like the new buttons a lot - nice blend of family talents! But, my dears!, BEADS!!!! Check the Toby pup for debris! But seriously they do look wonderful and will lead many people down the beady path. Hope you got safely home and tucked up warm and dry'
    Oh - I thought it was quite nice of H. R. H. to plan the coronation for our wedding anniversary - it will give the day that extra bit of sparkle. I will be looking out for footmen!
    Stay well and warm and safe - we certainly are! xxx

    1. Thank you! It was a long day - up at 5am and not back until about 2pm - I am not used to that, so slept well last night! (and still a little dull today) How great- you can have a double celebration! I must admit I am very much looking forward to it. Stay safe and well! xx

  4. I can remember Mum getting me out of bed to sit in front of the (small, black and white) television set to watch a queen anointed and crowned - it will be a bit odd to sit in front of another television set to see her son anointed and crowned - I wonder if he will use her fanfare or if there is a new one.
    Hugs all around. Safe and well. xxx

    1. by all accounts it will be a smaller affair, so it will be interesting to see what he keeps and what he changes or removes. Stay safe and well! (packing today) xx