Saturday, February 01, 2020

A month gone!

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - the first 30 days

Well, that's it, January is gone. Here's the first 30 buttons on my board. Now it starts to get hard - remembering what day number it is :) Can't just look at the calendar to see what the date is now...

For the next couple of days it is all about getting things ready for our shows on Hochanda TV this Tuesday. I'll be on at 3pm and 7pm - it will certainly be interesting doing a late stint.

The 3pm show is buttons - and I'll be bringing along our latest Little Button Journal Kit. This one is Needle Pattern buttons - aka Pattern Darning, kogin, fancy darning, sm√łyg, and many other names. Whatever you call it, the technique makes great buttons!

At 7pm, we will be bringing back the Flowercomb ribbon ruching range with two new template packs, Nell and Alice. These two are particularly nice for trimmings. I'll be making quite a few flowers this weekend I think :)

Do keep an eye out on my facebook page for sneak previews closer to the day.

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