Saturday, March 07, 2020

The travelling buttons

A selection of silk thread passementerie buttons by Gina Barrett

Last weekend saw me rushing to get the above buttons sent over to Paris for the Au Ver a Soie exhibition by courier in the week. In the end, it was too painful for me to actually make any new buttons. It was not worth risking longer term damage. I had some in my samples made with their silk, and decided after much deliberation, to send others that made up part of my One Button a Day challenge in 2016

This was a big thing for me. I've cut them from their tags to mount them here, and there is always the very real possibility that they will go missing - either on the way out, or the way back to me. 

They've arrived safely in Paris, so stage one complete. 

Except the exhibition has now been cancelled until June, as the French government has banned gathering of over 200 people until then. 

So, I will get to stress for half the year. And, I could possibly have made new, different ones in a month or so, and would not have needed to take from the set. 

If anyone is interested, the mount for these was printed from our Button Backing Cards & Mounts CD - I printed it onto printable fabric, left the backing paper in place to stitch through. I think that by printing on the fabric the background better suits the fine silk of the buttons.

And so on to other news....

I have managed to complete the first slideshow of this year's buttons and have popped it over onto YouTube. I hope to have the second one completed this weekend. 

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