Sunday, February 23, 2020

Two birds with one button

Lots of pretty silks from Au Ver a Soie

On Friday I was been asked to contribute some buttons to an exhibition in Paris which I am totally thrilled about.
Au Ver a Soi silks is celebrating their 200th anniversary and will be exhibiting items from around the world that use their silks. I'm really honoured that I have been asked - but the deadline is really short.

And of course I can't use my thumb for long.

I know this is going to prolong the injury, as I'll be working more than One Button a Day - but I am determined to get a nice selection over to France.

Working with silk is different from working with cotton. It is slippery, and some modern designs don't work so well. Of course, the original passementerie buttons were usually made of silk, but I'd rather not simply go with the traditional for this exhibition, that would be too easy really. I'd like to add a few that are unique.

I've pretty much planned what I will do, and how they will be presented, and as I am currently also working on two books, have set everything up to take step by step pictures of the ones that are relevant. In theory, that will save some time in a few months. The set up is also all ready for videos, so I spent a long time playing with different settings and not actually buttoning... 

Wish me luck!

My set up - lights, overhead holder for camera, more lights...


  1. Congratulations, Gina!!! I'm sure they'll be beautiful!❤️

  2. hope all goes well for you good luck xxx