Sunday, January 10, 2021

Capsule wardrobe...


Turquoise thread button by Gina Barrett

I do hope you are all keeping well and safe. I've spent a good part of the weekend wrangling my 16th and 17th century button database. Removing duplicates, checking references, that sort of thing. Thoroughly enjoyable, but I have to admit I've spent a little too much time looking, not making! 

The above button was made for a weekly prompt of "Turquiose & White". The pattern is based on a button from the 1640s - with a little added needleworked border. I think that it really works well in modern colours and threads - the original is gold thread and green silk.

I worked a copy for Day 139 of last year's challenge (you can see it here - Metta)

I was thinking this morning that with lockdown I really have achieved a capsule wardrobe. It does seem that I am wearing the same clothes recently. Usually in about 3 layers to stay extra warm, and always the most comfortable.  And with a long length coat and no visiting, everyone can think I am super fashionable, lol! 

I don't really think that is the point of a capsule wardrobe though, do you?

Stay well everyone xx


  1. Funny you should mention self limiting wardrobes - I had a similar notion the other day - we are all dressing for warmth and comfort and I think we have achieved the capsule wardrobe par excellence. Replace the garments that are soup stained and we do indeed have all the clothes we really need! The thrift stores are awash in donations! But I really must replace the stained shirt - I always was a messy eater ;).
    It is fun to sort out a chunk of information - whether paper or electronic. Always nice to uncover and remove duplicates and revive the interest in an area. And great fun to see the space available now! We will look for the book this year or early next? Good!
    I am not surprised that Toby hated the truck - I always think of him as a 'back seat of the limo, waving at the passing peasantry' and a seat that doesn't allow a full view of the surroundings will just not do. Mark would have to build an enormous booster seat for a truck - which would make driving a challenge, not to mention conversation between human occupants.
    Don woke up with a gout attack - makes for a miserable time for him. Ice and ibuprofen seem to take the very edge off but there isn't much else to do. Off to make an other frozen towel and some lunch - something comforting and homey.
    Best regards to all, stay warm and dry and well! Charlotte xxx

    1. I hope Don is feeling better? Gout isn't pleasant.
      We've just had a good friend pass - from Covid - at the weekend. Getting close to home now. Our circle is quite shocked, and of course her husband was not allowed to visit with her. They were inseparable. Its so very sad.
      Toby is certainly that sort - but he was up in the front seat of the truck (it was a bench seat). What annoyed him is that he couldn't get in on his own -he likes jumping up - and he was close to Mark, but not close enough. And his belt wouldn't let him get closer! You know I also think he was just too high for a little dog if that makes sense. It was messing with his perspective on life I think...

      Please stay safe and well both of you. xx

    2. Deepest sympathy to you all. I know that the loss is somehow greater when you can't say proper goodbyes. c xx

  2. Monday pm - Gout still uncomfortable but no longer white hot needles!! Ice packs and ibuprofen are the bomb!
    I hope with all my heart that you both are well and safe and warm.
    C in C xxxx

  3. I've been so naughty with my capsule wardrobe husband's socks because they are so roomy, fleece PJ bottoms, warm top and husband's zip up hoodie because it's roomy and smells of him so when I get stressed at night I just have to smell it to calm down

  4. You must have done a really good job tidying up - the sun is coming back beautifully. It is sparkling through the kitchen window and the blue glass on the sill - glorious! Thank you. c xxx

    1. Sorry for the radio silence! We have had so many problems with our internet - no broadband, no phone line, engineers in the house twice. I actually was watching where he put his hands so that I could wipe the places down with disinfectant. You know how you see in films where a place glows when it gets touched - that's what I was seeing.... Hopefully it is now fixed. It is very hard to work from home without proper internet access these days. And then Mark's mobile died too. Just one of those weeks. I find it really hard to do anything in the blogger app on my phone. I could read your messages though, so thank you xx
      I also had my first ever flu jab, which honestly knocked me for 6 for a couple of days. Super super tired. The government lowered the age range this year in an effort to try to keep hospitals free from flu cases.
      How is Don's gout now? Better I hope. And you, are you ok? I hope that you both stay safe and well. xxx

    2. How funny (peculiar) - our internet has been playing up also and the satellite dish and receiver have gone walkabout. It must be REALLY frustrating when it is your living that it is messing with! Abd a phone kaput at the same time - argh!!! Hope that area is back in working order and the house is free of technician cooties.
      I guess Tobu isn't part mountain goat? It would indeed be a huge scramble for short legs - a dear friends' son built a little step stool that he carried in the truck so that she could climb in - if you do wind up needing a truck Toby could have his own personal loading ramp!
      We've had similar reactions to our flu jabs over the years - not every year and never really bad - just tired and sleepy and once in a while my arm is sore for longer than I think it should be. Glad you did get it - it won't stop the flu but it sure slows it down to a dull roar and we need all the protection we can get these days.
      They say the covid jabs have the same effect -and it takes two of them to give coverage! My arm aches already;(. Well, we just have to grin and bear it, 'cause getting the plague ain't in it!
      Charlotte xxxx