Sunday, March 14, 2021

Another jigsaw for you - Ribbonwork

I very nearly forgot to add a jigsaw this weekend! Sorry it is late.

I have spent the weekend re-arranging. And clearing out. I've been doing the filming in the spare room, but it was getting rather silly. I would take things upstairs to film or photograph, inevitably leave something downstairs in my workroom, or later, upstairs. And, as someone who is a lazy crafter, this is not good. Lazy in the sense that I do find it easier to just leave things and start the next project, which translates as messy to an outsider. I'm not messy when working, I just don't like the tidying afterwards! Trust me, there is a difference :)

So, now everything is on one place. Everything. I'll be spending ages setting up the angles of the lights next I suspect!

Have a great week!


  1. ok- that settles it - we are related! My major goal in life is to train myself to put this batch of stuff away before I pull out that batch of stuff to work (play!) with. And it isn't like I don't know that one makes life so much simpler by doing so - maybe it is that inner little kid saying 'you can't make me!' Hearty congratulations on the rubbish ;) I'm proud of you, dear! And you got the running up and down stairs exercise, also good for you!
    Sorry about the cess,drainage problems - I agree, it is the rain. Cess pits are such delicate things. Even main drains have their moments - we have an enormous black pine tree in the front yard that someone (won't say who!) planted too close to the walkway and the drain - and we have annual root cutting meetings with the drain man.
    Took a quick look at Fred Dibnah - he looks like great fun, and there's all that scenery! Will let you know how it goes.
    Food to prepare! Stay warm and well. xxx

  2. Just had a lovely new 'Joolz Guide', walking around St. James's and Westminster and the Jewel Tower - it occurs to me that life will be very different after plague - how many people will have managed to keep their tourist centric businesses open? But there were people picnicing in the park and feeding the parrots! But the whole of Westminster Palace is done up in scaffolding and tarps - well, it will all be lovely and fresh when we come back!

    1. Yes, our high streets are going to be very very different places too. Many well known shops are closing (Thorntons announced it would closing all 60 yesterday), and who knows what the smaller, one shop businesses will do. Quietly, in the background, many larger institutions have used it as an excuse to permanently close up - the National Trust will be closing many homes, The WI is selling off their teaching facility (which was left to them for teaching purposes) The V&A sacking many curators and closing collections and even the Embroiderer's Guild closing branch groups for good.

  3. Yay! I have been enjoying the jigsaws a lot. Thank you for them!

  4. I've been thinking about the 'leave it where it is' and I remember two very successful women who were extremely prolific and who had similar methods of dealing with the problem. Both placed all the materials for each project in a separate container ( shallow boxes or baskets with covers) and at the end of the work session everything went back into that box and voila! clear dining room table. One lady is a gifted embroiderer and china painter and the other was the best miniature furniture maker I've ever seen. She learned the store the project in a covered box method from a man who did things with seashells - they used beer flats as bottom and top - soda also comes in those shallow boxes - and it isn't hard to find a 'lid' that fits perfectly from a different manufacturer. I did this for a while when I was working on miniatures and it really works well. No idea why I quite, because almost everything I do would fit neatly into that size box. I think I'll have a go at sorting and storing that way again. The china painter uses covered rectangular baskets, about the same size as the cardboard boxes, but they look much prettier stacked on the shelves in her work area.
    And I ran across a Dutch embroiderer who wraps all the bits of each project in a tea towel, with a label pinned on. Well anyhow, I think we can get a bit of a grip on the chaos -I'm going to try!
    Am being blown out of the living room by the drafts from the windows and doors, despite draft stoppers and cork wedges - we had rain last night and more probably on the way.
    Do stay safe and well and warm, all of you! xxx

    1. That's a good idea and one I have half tried in the distant past. But, I have to try harder and make it a proper commitment, I probably need to look out for a container that will suit me better. I'm not really sure why I stopped - probably worked on something larger than the container I had or something.
      But you know - I did some filming last night (which is rubbish I forgot to put manual focus on so the camera kept refocusing haha) and I put everything I used away!! This was seriously a Big Deal.
      Probably won't last, but I made the effort! :)
      Stay well and safe xx

    2. I have a matching patch on the wall where I go bang my head after doing the silly thing, so I know your post-filming feeling too well! But hooray for the Tidy Up!!!! We don't need to look too far ahead, just do one tidy up as it comes! We can - I know we can! And the refilming will be a better piece.
      I am shocked about the National Trust - shouldn't be, but I am! They are probably given up on the very ones I wanted to see, little obscure corners that cost the earth to care for and don't draw hordes of people - place like A la Ronde in Exeter. And the WI? For shame! I may have to stop singing Jerusalem in my head as I work!
      Our county art museum has gone to hell in a handbasket already - some idiot sold the County Supervisors a bill of goods that tore down most of the existing buildings and storage space and replaces them with an amazing swoop of roof held up by little display buildings with 1/4 the hanging space! Most of the curators have left since they no longer have anything to curate or exhibit - but then, this leadership is the one that spend hundreds of thousands on a huge boulder (extraordinarily silly) and Modern Art like beach balls floating in a tank of water! Do we get the museums we deserve? It may be true - those who should or could make the decisions are too old or too tired and it get lefts to the sillies. If that is the case I guess there is no kick coming- Dad always said that you can't lambast Washington if you didn't vote!
      Enough moaning! We'll cope with what we have, remember to set the camera on manual focus, and put away today's project before we get out the next one! Cheers for our team!
      Stay well and safe. xxx

    3. It just occurred to me - maybe we have to make ourselves the kind of chart they made for us when we were little - brush teeth, make bed, etc.- and give ourselves gold stars when we remember manual focus and put away what we just worked on? I want multi-coloured stars! xx

    4. Hahaha! Yes, gold stars for the win! I bet you can get some really special ones these days too..
      Of course, these fancy journal/diaries are all just charts with gold stars grown up.

      And another evening of film and put away - I'm not quite right in the head at the moment.

      And I haven't even been injected with my nanobots yet....

      Stay safe xxx

    5. I think all the winds we have both been having have unsettled us somehow! Or the wretched time change here! Or bad dreams? The nanobots won't be any trouble at all - a bit of a sore arm but not much else -unless, of course, you happen to be allergic to any of the ingredients - and then it isn't fun. But I have faith - you will be fine and the filming will be just spiffy and you'll get the stuff put away neatly.
      You are right about the journal/diary things - sometimes I think it might be fun to do but that would take precious hours from my needlework so I stop thinking about it! And people seem to get obsessed with the whole thing, spending fortunes on more stuff to record the stuff! Scary.
      I think I'll just make a simple little chart like Mom made when I was six and stick on my own gold stars. I seem to remember that she drew a little tooth or toothbrush, and a made bed - odd what sticks in my head.
      Stay well and safe xxx

    6. Look on Amazon, there's a great selection of gold stars over here - so I know there will be there - colours and holographis and with smiles :)
      Stay safe and well, both of you!

    7. Don't we have fun?
      Safe and warm. xx

  5. I agree, there is a difference :-)
    Thanks for the jigsaw puzzle!