Friday, March 12, 2021

How to make a simple wire torsade trimming for tassels - also called a w...

Another video! More filming this weekend for the next batch. This is getting to be a bit of a habit ;) 
Of course, that's in between all of the other work that needs doing. I am not sure what the weekend is!

Which reminds me. At work, when we turn on the answer machine on, a woman's voice states the day of the week as part of the message. Well, on a Wednesday, she sounds positively happy, like "yay!", yet on a Friday, she sounds quite blah really. I have come to the conclusion that she is having an affair. And her paramour "works late" on a Wednesday, but on a Friday goes home to their family for the weekend.

My mind works in an odd way sometimes. 

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe and well.  


  1. I think her mother-in-law is coming for the weekend!
    Showed Don the torsade video - he'd never thought about that fringe on epaulets before - great fun!
    It is the day after the jabs - no problem other than the slightly bruised feeling where the muscle is trying to absorb and distribute the vaccine. I do hope you aren't anymore uncomfortable :).
    I actually got a phone call from a button friend! We have all been so shut in and nothing much going on that it has seemed silly to call to say 'nothing has changed'. I think I will have to get off my posterior and send a note to my button club - it has been about a year now! Not that anything HAS changed, but I should make the effort.
    I'm glad you and Mark and Toby have work - we find ourselves just gently drifting, not doing much of anything beyond basics. We decided we did miss being able to go to museums and such and I rather miss the library, but I think we have achieved our own personal equilibrium, so we'll be ok with whatever comes this year. Funny, this does feel more like the start of the year than January 1 ever did!
    Hugs to all and stay warm and dry and well. CinC xxx

  2. Today's gratitude - vitreous porcelain and all that goes with it! Indoor plumbing is the best! (We had a slight problem, now fixed;)). If you ever get up to Kew and the pumping station and museum are open do stop in -they have the most beautiful blue and white commode as well as a 50 foot beam engine that will move you to tears when it starts to move! North side of the river, just west of the bridge.
    Woke up to Beethoven's 7th, hence the upbeat! Another blessing.
    Enjoy whatever weekend bits come along and stay warm and well. xxx

    1. We are having cess/drainage issues this weekend. I wonder if it is all the rain we have had recently. I have spent the weekend away from the computer and moving furniture and clearing out. Two rubbish bags and two bags for recycling, and much more not yet sorted.
      I know what you mean about the not being in touch because there's nothing to say. It really is a thing isn't it? I find myself doing the same. I really have nothing new to say, and so find myself not checking in. I have tried to make the effort a bit more in recent weeks.
      The museum sounds cool. Have you ever watched Fred Dibnah's shows? Fascinating. I do enjoy watching someone who is really passionate about their hobby/job/craft... Even if otherwise it isn't my thing. Passion can be catching!
      Stay safe and well both of you xxx

  3. That is fabulous. I often wondered how they were made without splitting, and never thought of a stabilising thread!

    1. It's cool isn't it? It takes a bit of practice, but I was thrilled when I figured it out. x