Tuesday, March 09, 2021

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A very short and sweet video for today's upload on YouTube - just a refresher for those of you who have recently purchased our latest kit. 

Are you all keeping well? We seem to be really busy - we have another two Hochanda shows on the 22nd and that seems to have come round fast! So, organising and planning is keeping us both busy.

And of course, the sun has decided to just about push through - at the springtime angle that makes you really see that the place needs a proper clean. Yes, it's that time of year again where I discuss purging and probably only manage a bit. But, a little every year will surely mean I will, eventually, get rid of all the excess Stuff.

Wish me luck!

Please stay safe and well all of you.


  1. You know, my dear, that one can only succeed in even a tiny annual purge if you haven't brought lots more into the house. However, I think we might make a dollop of progress this year because last year had so few chances to drag more stuff home. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! And I do have stuff going out if I can manage to make it to the Salvation Army drop point. And connect with someone about books - yes, books are going also. If I were brutally honest lots of books would go, but we know that ain't ever going to happen.;)
    I did rather wonder about that blur of movement that shows on the satellite map - it is you kids whirling through more show prep! Do have fun and remember to wear braces and exercises and all that stuff - don't try to make a yard of finger braid at one sitting ( will stop all work for days) -
    lift with the legs, not the back - all that good stuff! And stay well!
    C in C xxx

    1. You are so right! On all counts. I really haven't bought much at all in the last year unless really needed. But I do still have to sort through the clothes that, being brutally honest, just aren't going to fit again...
      But no, books are going no where. Not yet. And I did buy some of those last year. Thankfully a weakness shared with Mark!
      I'm as faithful as can be wearing the brace all night.
      I hope you are both keeping well and safe? Don still healing as he should? xx

    2. Yes, he is doing well. I was thinking of applying vitamin E to reduce scaring but read that a tiny dab of vaseline very thinly applied worked better, and we did have vaseline - works a treat! There will be very little scar on his nose because things don't get hardened up. Saves him having to think up some hand to hand combat story!
      I got a start on clothes a few months ago, with things just the wrong colour (no need to look jaundiced!) and some too small, which I hadn't worn but once or twice anyway.
      All safe and well. Our walk this afternoon had a distinct Walthamstow feel to it - a shower just before setting out, wind blowing fat white clouds across a true blue sky - we just looked at each other and sighed - homesick! Bracing and fun!
      Actually, the only books that are going out are ones I have no desire to reread or that are on subjects I really, truly don't follow anymore. But I have kept a few that are just too beautiful not to keep - Kaffe Fasset and Steve Lovi especially - Their colour sense is so very inspiring to me. Don isn't mad about books but will get me anything I want, which always makes me stop and think - need or want?
      Second ant-plague jabs for both of us tomorrow evening, which will be a worry of our minds, not that we will go out unmasked or too close to anyone. So, yes, well and safe! And same to you. xxx

    3. Very glad about your second jabs! Over here they are waiting 12 weeks in between in an effort to get more people with the 1st jab. Oh, clever about the vaseline, I'll remember that. I like little things like that.
      Been blowing a gale again here, calmed about this evening, but our walk was, well, interesting.
      The beautiful books - oh I know about those! And yes, I did actually say no to a book last week. Want or need? I couldn't decide. So I will wait and see if I need it.
      I think it will be quite some time before those of us who are wearing masks and taking care stop taking care. How things have changed in such a short time.
      Stay well and safe, and hopefully no sick feeling after tomorrow xx

    4. second plague jab - the youngster that administered it says that our system may read this second shot as an attack and give us some minor symptoms. the poor kid had gotten it while in hospital helping his wife have their third child and he says it was the worst flu he has ever had, the whole family was quarantined, so he heartily recommends the shots to all.

    5. I hope it doesn't make you feel too rubbish. I got my appointment today - so we'll see how it goes for me in a week or so.
      Stay safe and well both of you xxx