Friday, March 05, 2021

How to make a ganutell wire & thread petal - spiral wrap technique

Another short technique video over on YouTube today!

I'm using our Petal & Leaf Jig in this tutorial, which is available over on our website


  1. You do make it look easy, my dear! My hands ache at the very thought but I can see the fascination - More detail, better colouring, better shaping - it is an enormous rabbit hole! ;) I've read about ganutell work and it is great to see it in "person". Is this closely related to the spice and wire ornaments I remember seeing in 'Anna' magazine?
    Another resupply run - just a quick one for coffee and peaches. We can't get Costa coffee here so have to settle for Melitta, another Italian roast. We both get a trifle panic stricken when there are only two cans left on the shelf. My first Costa was many years ago with my mom, in Paddington Station, in one of their first shops in London. Don thought I was a bit nuts, raving about this coffee (he drank instant at the time), then I took him to London and poured a cup down him - he got the idea at once! Life hasn't been the same since!
    By the way, there is some really excellent engineering and planning in the ganutell stuff - congratulations, Team SilkWorks! It is all well and good to have clever ideas and make pretty things, but it is so terrific when you can successfully share your ideas with us. Thank you.
    Give Toby pup a pat and stay warm and well. C in C xxx

    1. I have never seen the ornaments you mean - might have to search them out. I came by them through medieval shrines -
      I'm fairly certain every technique used here is still used in passementerie for tassel and trim decoration, some into buttons, it's just fascinating.
      Yes, we like the Italian blends, but like LaVazza. Although supermarket Italian blends are really nice, so you don't have to have a brand ;)
      Yeah, I'm lucky being in business with him!
      Stay well and safe both. xxx

    2. Just saw the wooden work station - wow! And I can see why you needed to make a new one - must have been incredibly labour intensive! A work of art if ever I saw one. Onwards and upwards!
      Stay warm and well and dry! xxx

    3. The person who turned the posts retired, and really, it needed a bit of tweaking too. You should see my very first version - a board with pegs which I used at living history events! I may still have it somewhere...
      Stay well and safe xxx

    4. We can be be so inventive when we want something!
      Oh - merry unbirthday to you - the little balloon post on the group page was fun!
      Well and safe. xxxx