Tuesday, March 02, 2021

How to make Prepared Thread / Wire for ganutell flowers (twisting techn...

A short little video showing two techniques of twisting wire and thread for ganutell - for those of you who have purchased the new kit especially. 
I start using the new twisting rod from the Tornado set, but at the end also show how to do this with a stick - and one's included in the kit. 


  1. Just watching this gave me 'winder's elbow'! I've made a lot of two strand twisted cord in my time and why I never thought to use wire and thread I don't know, but the results are great - this stuff could edge ornaments so nicely. But my hands still ache at the thought, so I think I'll pass on the ganutell ;).
    All is well here - I did go have a "well woman" exam and that all came back well and in good order (sigh of relief because after age 68 they don't seem to think we need that sort of checkup) and my nurse practioner did find and remove a pea sized polyp, which is also clear!
    Oh - video production thought - you have a heck of a glare from the overhead light on the tabletop - try a largeish piece of plain cotton in the same colour as the tabletop (what you are doing really shows up well on that yellow-brown) with weights hemmed in so it doesn't need taping down and fiddling with. You can clothespin the cloth to a clothes hanger or use a skirt hanger that already has clips so that it isn't all wrinkly when you film again. Did that make sense? Anyway, other than the glare a nice clear video - well done!
    I won't tell you that we are going to walk to the pharmacy (1 mile) in our shirtsleeves because that would just make your poor cold toes ache worse than ever! Do stay warm and well. C in C xxx

  2. Made it to the pharmacy in good order, get there and the wonderful automated reorder system did not have the order! But the pharmacy kids fixed it up quickly and gave me bottle caps I can open!!!!! That push and twist has gone recently, so a simple cap is essential. A stop at our fish and chips shop and a short rest - reheated is never as good as fresh, but a glass of Guiness makes all well! xxx

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I have one more filmed at the same time, but I am still trying to get a good set up I am properly happy with. I have tried a cloth, but even with clips I'm not having much luck - not least because I can't do any techniques with glue. I will find a happy medium... Just got some new lights and am waiting for a new support for the camera. Mind you, realised last night that I left the filming me part on mirror - I was happy - it looks like what I see. Of course it is wrong - everyone else sees me flipped. Rookie error!
      So glad your appointment went well. mmm fish and chips. Haven't had them forever. In fact haven't had a Guinness forever either, went through a stage where I quite liked it. And yes, your long walk without coats - well, the other day I actually only had 3 layers on! Spring is in the air! ;)
      Take care and stay safe and well, both of you.