Thursday, February 25, 2021

Happy birthday Anne!

A little different for today's blog - wishing our design team member Anne a wonderful birthday!

When I first came into the industry, I was quite confused about the term DT member. While it stands for design team, it isn't people who design products (well, it can be, but that's different again), but rather a person who takes the products or kits and makes samples for TV and other publicity. 

In other words, someone quite invaluable!

I'm really lucky to have some lovely ladies on my team, all with a different style, you can see just a bit of Anne's work below.

You can follow Anne on her blog and her Facebook page, as well as seeing creations in our Gina-B Silkworks Group.


Right, back to prepping for tonight's shows! 


  1. Oh bless you Gina. I am having a wonderful day so far. Good luck with the Hochanda TV shows today. A privilege to be a DT member - I get to play with all your lovely goodies xxxx

    1. I'm so glad you are having a good day xx

  2. Dear Anne: It is such fun to see your 'take' on Gina's goodies - you always have a special twist which is quite inspiring! And many happy returns!
    Charlotte in California

  3. Gina dear, my hands are aching just watching you twirl wire and cotton around like mad! The ganutel is just lovely and looks like so much fun, but my fingers are simply no longer up for it :( ! I hope you all got safely home in one piece, Toby not too overexcited by his late night and you two not too exhausted. I could only view a bit of the second show, but it sounded like it was the usual smash hit. The new buttons look fabulous!
    Don had the stitches in his arm out today and they redressed his nose, which needed a few more days in "traction" - looks like all is well!
    Rest up and have a nice peaceful weekend, and stay well and warm and dry.
    C in C xxx

    1. Great news about the stitches! Yes, all exhausted, but now the fun begins packing the kits! So everything a bit intensive for a couple of days. I'm glad you managed to catch a bit. You are right, it can be a wee bit fiddly.
      Stay safe and well both of you xxx

    2. Found the rewind on the button show - such fun! Makes me want to drop the project in hand and embroider a button or six! I can visualize a rainbow of embroidered zwirnknopf - red on red, orange on red, etc. I think buttons may be the perfect colour study method - will have to give it a try.
      Have fun packing -well, as much as one can, and a nice break before plunging in again. Warm, well, and dry! C in C xxx

    3. Oh that's a lovely idea! Do share pictures if you do this. I love work with the same colour but different texture, probably why I'm keen on white-on-white so much!
      Sun is shining today, have a lovely one and stay safe and well xx