Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A bit of sunshine!


Ganutell flower kit from Gina-B Silkworks

As I write, there's a bit of sunshine trying to brighten the day. Which is needed! I know it's only February, but the winter has seemed long this year. Probably a result of lockdown.

We are still busy getting ready for our Hochanda shows of course. (Feb 25th at 5pm and 9pm). On our 9pm show the focus will be ganutell, and a new kit highlighting a different ganutell technique. By twisting thread and wire together you can make more unusual - and robust - shapes. All with a bit of sparkle! Ganutell mean winding a lot of wire into kit-ready coils. As you can imagine, this isn't the most favourite of my jobs :)

I hope that you all get a bit of sunshine this week! 


  1. We just caught a small mouse! Sitting on the sofa, watching aa spot of telly, I saw a dark shape whisk along the opposite wall! Don fetched the trap cage, baited it, and put it down. Not thirty seconds later silly mouse ran in and is now waiting for an adventure - we have to go down near the beach today and we will set him free in the park - boy, we sure have excitement around here! ;)
    Do keep well and warm and dry, all of you. C in C xxx

    1. Goodness! Now to see if you can discover if he's just an opportunist coming through an open door, or if there is actually a way in. We have to keep doors closed at harvest time, otherwise we get the opportunists... Stay safe and well you two xx