Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Packing and prepping

Gina-B Silkworks Embroidered Zwirnknopfe Little Button Journal Kit

Just a short update for today. We are busy busy packing new kits for our first Hochanda shows of 2021 next week. I'll be on at 5pm with buttons - and launching the above kit.

This is a new Little Button Journal kit - "Embroidered Zwirnknopfe". So a really nice addition to your button making skill set. 

At 9pm it's all about ganutell - and a new kits and new tool set which I am really excited about. It took us a while, but I have been having fun playing, so more about that later :)

Have you seen our latest jigsaw?
If the game below doesn't work - click here.
Have fun!

Right, off to wind off more wire for the new ganutell kits!


  1. the puzzle was fun! The is so rainy, I've enjoyed doing it. thanks!!!!

  2. Sounds as if you and M are busier than a couple of long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs! We ae looking forward to the new kits!
    Got oil? Got phone? I know you can't be moving fast enough to stay warm if the oil didn't show up, and the phone line pit probably hasn't thawed yet, so hope all is in working order there.
    D got the stitches on his nose out yesterday and the Dr. is very happy with the looks of everything - I don't have to change the dressings every day! D. is very good at getting doctors to see the person, not just the disease and it was night and day from the doctor - jokes and conversation while still attending the surgery site. I'm not as good at that process , but it does make medical visits easier if they see a human being. And we had a tasty breakfast from MacDonalds, of all places! Decent coffee ( True!) and biscuits with egg and bacon ( they even made it look tasty). So even the car had an outing, which it doesn't get much of nowadays.
    Hope Toby pup is coping with the flurries of activity and the weather. I know he hates cold, wet feet as much as we do! Do stay warm and dry and well, and don't forget the brace and exercises - repetitive stress did the thumb in once. Hugs to all C in C xxxx

  3. Got a call from the pharmacy this afternoon - they had a plague jab available if I wanted it. Which D said I should take, so I did. May have a bit of a sore arm tomorrow and might be a bit sleepy - about the same as the flu jab, so you know when your turn comes. Will keep posted. c xxx

    1. Great news about the jab. Mark has his first next week. I'm really pleased about that. I'm a ways down the list, although the government is aiming for all over 50s to be offered it by the end of May the last I heard.
      No, still no proper phone. Beyond irritation. Waiting on BT to phone again. They got traffic control out on Thursday and according to the engineer - all was now fine. Within 2 hours the line's crackling and the internet connection dead. Oil is sorted thankfully.
      A bit of boring housework today while I wait for BT to ring me. And we go through it all again!
      Glad to hear Don is healing well and the doctor is happy. Makes the stress of it worthwhile.
      Has the bad weather in Texas moved your way? I hope not. Its not nice dealing with something so out of the ordinary when you aren't prepared.
      Stay safe and warm and well - both of you. xxx

    2. Glad the oil came - hate cold feet. And if BT upper echelon had to actually use the service provided - well, you know it would be perfect all the time. Sometimes I think the big wigs have their own personal satellites with permaminions to make sure they never have any break in service!
      The muscle that got the jab is sore, which is reasonable since it did get a good punch. A very tiny bit of swelling and I'm a bit sleepy ( but that is probably my normal 'bat' self ;) ). Hope Mark does as well.
      We've had a lot wind, which may be part of that big whirly bit, but no other weather. Is the Texas family ok? Don said they had power out for days and loss of life due to cold - poor souls!
      Do stay warm and dry and well - all three of you! xxx

  4. Hooray! We got a call at 8:15pm Saturday and now Don also has his first jab! This pharmacy is much larger than our previous place but they seem to do a pretty good job - nice to know. C in C xxx

  5. You know, I think Toby could help with the housework - make him some booties in microfiber duster fabric and then he can dust the floor as he trots around! Or he could use his duck toy to dust in the corners? All right, quite laughing - it was just a thought! ;) xxx

    1. He's one who attacks the vacuum cleaner, so might be an idea ;) xx