Friday, April 02, 2021

How to Make a Dorset Birdseye (Bird's Eye) Button - 18th century thread ...

A very practical button for this week's video - this one is great for so many uses. So long as you use a washable fabric and thread, you can easily wash these buttons, making them great for linens. You can also adjust the size very easily by playing with different fabric sizes and stick sizes. 

Have fun!

Stay safe.


  1. Well done video ( glad you managed to reduce the glare from the table surface) - nice and clear, especially in the bit about making the fabric 'doughnut'. Loved the little oldies! I was given an old samples card and the birdseyes and dorsets are scarcely even 5mm in diameter! Amazing. Thank you.
    Weather here a bit cooler also, but still shirt sleeve type. Don saw a picture of Hyde Park the morning after the really hot day - looked like a dump! Papers and trash just solid - Londoners seem to have been brought up in barns!
    Walkies time! Stay well and safe. xxx

    1. Oh thank you! Slowly getting better. Still a lot to learn. I have a theory that the reason all of the old ones on cards are so small is because they were the slow sellers, so when the remaining was sold off in the 60s, the stock that had been found was what didn't sell if that makes sense?. The ones on garments are usually more 'normal' sized.
      Yes, lockdown seems to have taken away everyone's ability to clean up after themselves - it's not just in London, it is every nature spot since they relaxed a few lockdown rules last week (more people can meet outside). Goodness knows what their homes must look like.

    2. Happy Easter and stay safe and well both of you xxx

    3. Something just went haywire! Garbled bits here, I think.
      I think you have the right idea - slow sellers sounds good and how many baby buttons would there be?
      Happy Easter to you also, and stay safe and well both of

    4. Just took a look at the Easter weather in my mountains - no snow or rain but a wind advisory (not a good thing - pine trees put a heck of a ding in your car when they fall!) - but they do have 3 or 4 feet of snow 3500 further up at the ski resorts!
      And we had nice weather down here also - just a little earthquake at 4 in the morning - think very, very long pantechnicon rattling all the windows and making the floor vibrate.
      However, we are safe and well, as we hope you both are. xxxx

    5. Sorry for the late reply! I have been very diligent at writing over the weekend and trying to ignore most else to keep the brain on focus. :)
      Oh, we've had earthquakes like that. Actually, none since moving here, but we had a few when we were in Rutland. Of course, ours didn't have the risk of being something big like yours do.
      It's turned quite cold after our sunshine, layering up again!
      Keep well and safe. We are too - things open up a bit next next week, again so it will be interesting to see how people behave. Or don't..

    6. Please do not fret in any way about late replies - you and M. are working your tails off and it is crucial you stay focused, especially when writing for us, so we can play with new toys! Hope it went along reasonably smoothly.
      It is actually very good that the fault line nearest us jiggles itself a bit often - keeps it from getting really rambunctious. I most assuredly do not like the ones that torque the room and heaven only know how I'll cope with a big one. Will keep my fingers crossed.
      I decided to have a go at colcha embroidery - a New Mexico specialty using wool fabric and wool yarn from the old sheep bred there - it has faded in and out of fashion and is back in right now. Dear friends live and weave near a big herd. The designs are stylized Spanish baroque and native flora and fauna and religious motifs. Well, I scroobled around and found yarn and fabric and the correct needle and started in! Stitched one 9" wiggly line and packed it in - too hard on the hand :( ! Such a pity because because it is just Roumanian Couching but if I want to make buttons I can't do colcha embroidery! Speaking of which - those little dumpling buttons are a lot of fun but I can only make one per day because of the pulling to make a really nice buttonhole cover. I think I'll try some bigger ones with the wool yarn I couldn't use for the embroidery! Will keep you posted.
      Happy writing and show prep., and stay warm and well,
      ps - keep forgetting to ask - what goes into the veg. patch this year?

    7. Oh what a shame - that sounds like it is lovely and textural. Perhaps a more open weave fabric would make it a little easier on your hand? I am not going to look it up though as I really don't need sidetracking to another form of embroidery haha!
      (No veg patch this year - just not enough time and frankly, it needs raised beds and new soil. Way too stony for any root veg. Not my forte it seems! I'll stick to flowers) xxx

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