Friday, April 09, 2021

How to make 5 inkle buttons - buttons made using handwoven bands / tape

Something a little different for this week's video - hopefully this will give you some ideas of other ways that you can use your textiles and bands, as while there may be five here - even I have made others! 

Cracking on as we are meant to, planning the next shows (end of the month) trying to get a bit of stocktaking in and a lot of time on the new book.

Also - a little heads up for you!
I'm going to be teaching a few zoom classes over the next few months.
And the first is on the 17th! 
Registration is a little late in opening, which is why I haven't been able to share details until now, 
but you'll find details and registration should open up tonight -

This is organised by an American company, so the times - and payment - is in US dollars (but through PayPal, so easy to sort). It will be 7pm UK time. 


  1. I liked the pompom toggle a lot but my favorites are the little pillows - makes me realize I can do something practical with those long-cherished bits of ribbon. Probably have to use a bit of skirtex to stiffen them up (not as much built in oomph as an inkle or tablet bit). Anyhow, thanks! ;) And the grappe film was exceedingly useful - will most assuredly use the stitch on edges and backs.

    Went and looked at the offerings for the conference - some really nice things in addition to the best buttons! I do hope that everyone's classes fill - trying to make a living in a specialist field is hard enough in non-plague times.
    Stay warm and well, all three of you. xxx

    1. The pillows are fun too! I'll make a full on one with grappe eventually, for now its a nice bonus to people who actually watch, haha!
      Fingers crossed it will do well. Quite nervous oddly.
      I hope you are both well? Keeping safe and well. Its raining and cold again here, thankfully we are cosy! xxx

    2. I know what you mean about not looking at something new and different - I had absolutely no business at all going down the Colcha embroidery rabbit hole - a good thing it turned out too painful to do! Don and I both find ourselves with the attention span of a toddler -any little thing flying by sends us down a new path! A good thing we are retired and able to hop from thing to thing ;).
      The trepidation about the conference class is totally understandable and a good thing in that it lifts one up onto a better teaching level - or at least that's been my experience. You will do splendidly, I am sure.
      Glad to hear you aren't trying to grow all your own veg this year - it would probably be some sort of final straw to attempt and you both would have nervous breakdowns - which is not a good thing, believe me! We have had fits of gardening fall on us over the years but I think we've finally realizes that we don't have the required patience and persistence to make it work. It takes dedicated puttering to grow stuff. My grandmother had it, we don't, so we have stopped torturing ourselves with 'should be gardeners' and Don just goes and mows the lawn weeds periodically.
      Sorry about the cold rain - don't forget a hat when you have to go outside (or even inside) and keep your toes warm! Glad you are cozy in the house.
      Both safe and well here - back to a seasonable temperature and no fierce bad winds. xxx

    3. Yes, the sad thing is Mark's dad was the best gardener. I miss that, but it isn't in us. I need a mature garden with lots of fruit trees that just do what they want. We used to have that at the cottage. Hail and snow today, and bright sunshine - typical April weather really so can't complain. Never cast a clout till may is out! online orientation this evening, should be interesting! Stay safe and well xxx

    4. Sorry I can't wiggle my nose and make it happen - Clouds of cherry blossoms are a sight to behold!

    5. I can't wiggle my nose. Spent a good deal of my childhood trying that one ;)

    6. My youngest sister's middle name is Samantha :)

    7. And my cousin, Tabitha! :) xx

    8. Does that make us 'old'? ;) xxx

    9. May I have a small round of applause? Two shelves in the pantry have been denuded of ancient, untouched material and said material is now in the recycle/trash! Hoorah for moi! xxx

    10. Wow! Well done you! I need to do that soon too. I quite like the spice sorting - always smells lovely as you empty the jars for recycling.... xxx