Friday, April 16, 2021

How to make a Yorkshire Button Scissor Keep - Gina-B's Yorkshire Button ...

A quick little project for this week's video! We're still running around like... and I am certainly finding it interesting fitting in the making of a video every week. It make me even more in awe at those who upload daily. 

So, tomorrow is my first zoom teaching, eek! Seriously, I am looking forward to it. I think it will be ok! It will be 7pm for me, while at least some of my students will be starting their days. How odd is that. I may be a little late to the zoom party, but I think I'll enjoy it. And hopefully my late entrance won't be one of those disaster ones you see in films haha!

So, to the gods of internet connections - stay on for me :)

Stay safe and well everyone. 


  1. Another useful film - hooray for the team! And how nice to hear all of Mark's music ;).
    You will have a lovely time with the class tomorrow. Wish I'd been fast enough to get signed up.
    I'm making Rainbow buttons for my groups - sort of a 'we made it this far, we can see it through' thing. It has been a longish sort of year.
    Both of you stay warm and well and give Toby a pet for me. C in C xxx

    1. Oh that's a nice idea. It really has been a long year, hasn't it? So tidying up my workspace today is the order of the day! Need to look like I am a professional ;)
      Stay safe and well both of youxxx

    2. I am quite certain you and the workspace looked great! And I hope there was a nice treat of some sort and hugs and kisses all around to celebrate the first online class!
      We are safe and well - even made it to the only store in the area where one can get sausage gravy (that thick white midwestern stuff with sausage bits and lots of pepper) to go on biscuits -have to go off the beaten path and feed Don's Missouri roots every so often. I could probably make it but it would cost three times as much, what with having to purchase all the ingredients. (I haven't really cooked in a very long time.) Don's Dad had a favorite cafe near the lake where he kept his puttering around boat and we got taken there for biscuits and gravy.
      Stay well and warm, both of you. xxx

    3. It went well I think. Quite a different atmosphere to an in person class and so much harder to tell how people feel when they are muted. I think it made me realise just how much I miss my workshops!
      I'm glad you got some favourite food. Sometimes it isn't worth trying to make it - me and Yorkshire puddings are a perfect example. I buy. I will never make them successfully, and have had too many Sunday dinner disasters!
      Stay safe and well both of you xx

    4. Pie crust is my downfall! Can't do it from scratch at all - thank heaven for the freezer case!
      Stay safe, well, and warm. xxx

    5. Another miniscule 'wahoo!' - just finished stitching a small bit and put all the threads back in their respective bags in the odd bins basket! Every quarter of an inch counts.
      Safe and well! xxx

    6. I just am bad at baking period. I cook a lovely Sunday roast dinner though, if I do say so myself!
      Oh very good! I'm proud of you. :)
      Stay safe and well xxx