Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fit for another Queen!


It's always really nice when I can mention something that I've done recently, especially when I can find an image actually showing it! Of course, making such small items for the big screen - and for others - it is usually quite rare to get an image!
The above is exactly that - a behind the scenes still (by Jason Bryant and from the Mail Online article you'll find here) of Anne Boleyn wearing a girdle tassel by me.  

Gilt, silk and carnelian girdle tassel by Gina Barrett for Becoming Elizabeth

This is actually the second of this style that I have made for Ninya Mikhaila, the first a few years back. Both are for the end of stunning jewelled girdles (Ninya's husband makes the jewellery part). Ninya also made some other items for this project, including many of the hoods. 

Costume-wise, this looks like it might well be worth watching! ;)

So, the second queen I've added some bling to during lockdown, so not bad really!

(here's the first)

And in other news, busy getting ready for my next Zoom course this weekend, and another two shows on The Craft Store next week! It soon comes around doesn't it. No rest for the wicked they say - I must have been a right one in a former life then!

I hope that you are all staying well and safe.


  1. If I hear three faint 'thuds' in a week and a half I will know that you and Mark and Toby have all collapsed into exhausted heaps! Do please remember to breath and give each other hugs and have a couple of treats along the way - chocolate has been known to sustain armies! I know the class will go well and I will tune in on the craft channel. Stay safe and well. C in C xxx

    1. Oh thank you. It is going to be a busy week that's for sure. I suspect despite trying to avoid chocolate and other calorie full food, I am sure that I will, yet again, succumb. Dieting just isn't my thing ;)
      Stay safe and well both of you x

    2. May I please have a small, polite patter of applause? Not that I really deserve it - the wall mounted lamp has been trying to give up the ghost for ages, and today it finally died. So I got to wrestle with lamps and screw drivers and vacuum cleaners and furniture and the ten thousand things that magically appear at these times, not to mention dust (thank heaven for antihistamines!), but I now have a working lamp plugged into a working socket (no mean feat in this house!) so that I may write to you and see what I am doing! Which is mostly why I did the whole thing, not to mention being able to see while doing buttons and embroidery! Safe and well!!! xxxx

    3. A round of applause duly given! I've recently changed mine too, what a difference it makes. I need so much light to do things - but I like to believe that it is because I do more intricate things these days, not that I'm getting old, lol!!
      Stay safe and well! xx

    4. We are not old! The envelope might be getting a little long in the tooth but WE are not getting old! Sucks that just when we start to understand stuff and gain command of a skill the physical part of us starts to go west! Safe and well to all! xxx

    5. Do you remember being able to underline a word while using a typewriter? I can't seem to make this laptop do that - minor irritation! ;) xxx

    6. Having the best time listening to E. F. Benson's Miss Mapp read by the great Prunella Scales! Got hooked on him after falling over the TV series, Mapp and Lucia, and hope one day to lay hands on copies of his books - they are so nicely written that they will take multiple reads. I do love books that can stand being reread, don't you? Safe and well! xx

    7. Haha! I do remember underlining. You can do it in some software, it just depends on where you are trying to do it.
      I've just started listening to the Pern novels actually - read them in my youth and now am buying them through Audible (I'm also listening to Clarissa- talk about different genres!). I have been going back to old favourites that way. It is great if the narrator has the voice you think suits.
      Stay well and safe. I hope you find the underline xxx