Friday, May 14, 2021

How to make a floral wreath button - not a Dorset - a Lincolnshire button!

Hi Everyone! Back on track a bit. But only just! :)

I hope this week's video inspires you!

It is interesting, there are quite a few boring videos of specific techniques I'm keen to make, but they won't get the views. Which could be detrimental to my channel in the way that searches promote them. So I'm wondering if I should try to fit in two a week. Then I remember I sometimes struggle with one! And then I make mistakes that get through onto the final video!
How do people keep up? 

So, this weekend we have two major jobs - list lots of exciting materials onto the website (yay!) and get photographing some step-by-steps for the book (yay!). 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

(PS. can you spot the error that I made in the intro to this video? Only some will...)


  1. Himself probably would spot a goof but I didn't on first viewing, so don't fret! And I love the wrapping method! I think this button might lend itself to some of the hand dyed threads lurking around - hum, where did I put them for safe keeping? Thank you for the tutorial.
    Hmm - new things in the shop? Always a fine event!
    do stay safe and well. C in C xxx

    1. It is a very subtle error, and one which I don't actually think anyone will discover... :)
      Hand dyes would be perfect you are right! New things in the shop if we can list and photograph them all. It takes a while, haha. And there's still that spring cleaning to crack on with ;)
      Stay safe and well both of you. xxx

    2. Some serious teeth knashing here - evil laptop redid something and it has erased my auto-response places! However, I persevered and found my way here - hoorah!!! I think Don has been having issues with Windows and my laptop lives of his computer (really don't know, but it seems to mostly work).
      Enjoy the spring cleaning - a change is as good as a rest (?) or so they say! Stay safe and well. xxx

    3. I hope it all gets sorted. It's always stressful when technology decides to play its own game.
      Stay safe and well xx