Friday, May 28, 2021

How to make Eyelet Lace - Broderie Anglaise / Stamping on fabric for emb...

Thank you so much for everyone who tuned into the shows on The Craft Store yesterday evening. 
This week's video is a four part - trying something new. I've broken down the videos, I might go to the format for the longer ones.

Absolutely shattered - had to get up at the crack of dawn (or so it seemed after getting home late last night after the last show) for the boiler to be serviced. Some of the oil spilt inside the boiler and it smells so bad, we have the windows open trying to clear it, and even Toby was sneezing!

It was a great day at The Craft Store though - most staff are back, and while everyone is still in masks and social distancing, we did get to have a couple of catch ups, as well as "finally meets". For me, one of these was the lovely Kay from Indigoblu. Our paths have never crossed in many, many years of selly telly, so it was great to finally chat a bit. 

So, I will get the other videos uploaded over the next 3 days, internet allowing! 

Let me know what you think to the broken down videos.

Stay safe and well all.


  1. Firstly - yes to the shorter 'elements' video - I think you have the chance to focus on each step, putting in all the stuff that needs to be there, and when you make a long video things may sometimes get short shrift. I do love Broderie Anglaise and have done a little bit - enough to know I am not going to do yards and yards for garments or bedding. I do treasure my bits of antique stuff and admire the skill and patience needed. Of course, the need to eat was always a factor!
    Did Derek buy a loom? He seemed so enthralled with the idea that I can just picture him running home with his new project and presenting you with his own sample tags next month. Nice fellow ;)
    So sorry about the burning oil stench! We don't heat with oil but when the car is serviced and they don't wipe its chin the smell is pretty bad - I can imagine how nasty it must be to have the house all stinky, and it probably will linger on surfaces - ick!
    Nice to know that both shows went well, and what fun to meet up with 'new' folk!
    We are safe and well and I am once more laundry wrestling. Told Don that much as I don't like doing it I am eternally grateful not to have to go to the laundromat and cope with crazies or have to haul water from the well, make my soap, cut the wood and build the fire. Pushing some buttons is a dawdle!
    Looking forward to the rest of the videos. xxx

  2. I can safely say that spring has truly sprung around here - the jacaranda trees are well in bloom and there are fluffy light purpley blue clouds everywhere! Such a fun tree for around here, with pretty flowers, feathery green leaf sprays and wonderful pods, not to mention the glorious perfume! Google 'jacaranda tree' and look at the pictures if you haven't seen them. Enjoy! xx

    1. Yes, I think that breaking the videos down might be easier for me - except for recording the intros. Then I can just keep talking, haha, as I do tend to go on a bit, making cutting hard :)
      A bright and sunny Saturday to a bank holiday here - what an amazing surprise! So yes, laundry, and garden work today - and maybe even get the carpet cleaner out...
      I agree about not going to a laundromat or getting up at the crack of dawn on a Monday to heat enough water for washing. Still, perhaps we wouldn't have such a throw away society if keeping clothes clean was a harder task...
      Oh that tree is gorgeous! My search has brought up some little ones for sale here....
      Stay safe and well xxx