Saturday, May 29, 2021

How to make Eyelet Lace - Broderie Anglaise / Stamping on fabric for emb...

A lovely sunny day - actually hot today! Doesn't that make a change for a bank holiday weekend? 
I've actually given all of my carpets a quick clean. my cleaner has decided to dump water at every pass, not just when the trigger is down, which does mean that I'm not quite as good at it as I used to be...

Here's part 2 of the series. As I say in the video, I really am please with the results I have had with the stamping inks so far, it is always scary when you are using white! 

I hope that you are all enjoying your day. 
Stay safe and well x


  1. Small gold star please. Got all laundry washed, dried, folded and put away in one day! So now I have clean clothes to wear to a socially correct tea party with friends I haven't seen in almost two years! Whee!!! xxx

  2. Good Heavens! ! ! Sunshine and a Bank Holiday weekend and you are cleaning carpets? No wonder Toby was giving you what for during the video! I hope he got a bit of extra walk later.
    You know, I can quite visualize a Jacaranda tree near the end of your driveway where it joins the road - a lovely fluffy purple cloud to mark your front drive! I'm not sure how well they do there - I think I'd ask Kew.
    I actually went to a party today! A friend decided she'd had enough solitude, everyone was long since vaccinated, and her garden was in good nick! Who wouldn't throw a tea party for twenty five of your nearest and dearest ones, who also happen to (mostly) be members of your church and Hungarian? She has a local catering service that took care of all the food and setup, one of our members gave a talk about tea in China and Taiwan, with taste samples at each stage - a bit like a wine tasting with different vintages and brewing stages - but not as ceremonial as the Japanese. And one person brought pogaca (Hungarian cheese biscuits - sublime!!!) and another brought palcinta (Hungarian crepes) that got a little jam filling, but the inbetween was a tiny festive tea - 1" by 2" openfaced cucumber on white bread and butter with a piped rosette of cream cheese and a tiny dill sprig, small scone -sounds too dainty and delicate for words but we were full! You wouldn't think it possible but I'm hungry again! Time to make a meal.
    Oh, I do not recommend thin suede cloth for a first foray into ball button creating - I was using pliers to ease the needle through, and they are not too ball like, but they are hard, hard, hard! Don could use them with great effect with his slingshot!
    Don't forget your sunglasses and enjoy the rest of the holiday. Hugs all around. Stay safe and well. xxx

    1. Oh what a lovely day it sounds! It is so nice when you can plan a something like that and be fairly certain the weather will hold. I noticed that one of the houses near us had a large marquee set up the other week - I suspect for the same type of get together - we need a little covering just to be sure! I do love a good afternoon tea. Our WI usually holds one for Ascot Ladies day (of course not last year, or this) and the catering done by the local pub. A tea party with gin and tonic too... ;)
      I can imagine the suede being very tough! You are braver than me for trying it.
      Stay safe and well xxx