Sunday, May 30, 2021

How to make Eyelet Lace - Broderie Anglaise / Stamping on fabric for emb...

And... part 3!

Slowly getting there. I spent a very long time trying to get a neat zoom effect to work, it didn't, I gave up. Need to practice that one methinks...

Another sunny day, a little bit more tidying done, sorting out the home office and doing laundry. I'm living it large this bank holiday!

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend.



  1. Full on party at your house this weekend - laundry and office tidying!!! And another nice useful video to boot! Clever lady!
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday and stay safe and well, as we are staying safe and well. Hugs all around. xxx

    1. Yes, far too much work being done here I think!
      Just to make up for the fact of eating pizza probably :)
      I hope you've recovered from your tea party.
      Oh, it seems we can only have dwarf trees here as they must be indoors in winter or in a green house to survive the cold. So one for the "to consider" as I do tend to personally kill house plants - not intentionally at all, they just don't do well under my care. Mark is good with them (he can keep a supermarket parsley going for 4 years...) so I will need to convince him he needs another!
      Stay safe and well xxx

  2. Oh stink! Pushed the wrong button and have to start over!:(
    Nicely recovered from the tea party. My friend sent home an extra box so Don got to taste all the treats also. But you are having PIZZA! YUM!!!
    Sorry to hear that Jacaranda needs moving in and out. Don't lumber Mark with one - he'll get a hernia! The parsley is enough.
    Woke up to 'Hymn For The Fallen" from 'Saving Private Ryan' by John Williams - good way to remember our people.
    Stay safe and

    1. Oh no, they have a dwarf version, especially for us colder climate people. So I may still be tempted, no risk of hernias!
      Our bank holiday is simply a summer bank holiday, not Memorial Day, our Remembrance day being in November. Stay safe and well both xx

    2. I do know when Remembrance Day is - watched last years' ceremony at the Cenatoph and cried as I always do.
      Ready to dive back into packing and shipping, now that you've had a good pizza fix? Stay safe and well. both. xxx

    3. You know, I sometimes forget that you do know about here! I'm sorry, of course that didn't need mentioning.
      Could do with another pizza lol. xxx
      Stay safe and well.

    4. Don't be sorry - it does sound a bit snippy when written down and I certainly did not mean to sound that way. I sometimes wish there was a way to convey tone of voice and intention in black and white - I think people use emojis for that, don't you? Trouble is I can't work out how to use them and am not crazy about the graphics, so I'll just have to try plain words.
      Another pizza sounds great!
      Stay safe and well. xxx

    5. They add new emjois all the time - I never know what they are meant to mean, so avoid all but the obvious, just in case I call someone a name, haha! xxx