Saturday, July 10, 2021

Working through it


Dorset ring buttons by Gina Barrett

How is everyone? Very good I hope.

I've been busy plodding along, sinuses still an issue but have at least started on some alternative therapies to lessen the issues, as you do! I am at least on the ENT waiting list, so hopefully it won't be too long. Of course, covid has increased waiting times hugely, and I haven't even heard about my foot yet. 

Enough of that!

I have still been busy, even if I didn't want to be in front of a camera - taking lots of step by step photos for the next book. This is the first in a series we've planned for quite a while - each book with a different subject matter, but all "Making Buttons".

There will be some old favourites, some new ideas, and everything in between in this series - a way to get designs I've worked or discovered over the years out there, as well as updating the old DVDs we did (let's face it, who watches DVDs these days?). 

This series will be aimed at everyone, while the 16th & 16th century buttons book (The Historical Button Maker Vol 2) that I am also working on is probably more specialist. That one too is moving along at a much better pace now too, so some times not being able to do the everyday things can be a bit of a blessing :)

So watch this space - hopefully everything will be back from the printers for the end of the month for the first - "Dorset Ring Buttons".

And in the meantime - Good luck England! 


  1. So glad to know there is a little relief on the sinus front - I go for the Puffs tissue with lotion when the poor nose can't stand another regular tissue or handkerchief.
    I've been wearing my tres fetching instep wrap to bed and trying to remember to do very, very slow and steady stretches of both Achilles tendons every night while drying dishes - helps.
    All the button news is fabulous!!!! You have been busy kids, I can tell, and I am as excited as the rest of the gang is and looking forward to more play time! Waiting eagerly!
    We are staying well and quiet, even though the mask requirement has been lifted for those vaccinated. I can't help but feel uneasy with all those naked faces! So we mask up in public and distance as much as possible - I don't trust those damned plague viruses one little bit!! And I hear there is a new avian flu out there - we are to stop feeding birds so that they can do proper distancing!
    Hugs all around, safe and well. xxx

    1. I'm glad to hear you are both well. Yes, our mask restrictions are being lifted too in a week or so and I think I will just keep it on. We are in an area where numbers are increasing continually again, so frankly, I just don't feel safe, jab or not. It is a very different world now isn't it. I am stretching, not sure it is helping but am very tired of it! Oh well. that's the way it is.
      Stay safe and well both of you xx