Friday, July 16, 2021

Button Craft: Yorkshire Button Bookmark / Journal closure - Flat button ...

Yay! A video! 

I hope you are all keeping well? We are of course busy - there is always something to do!

The button in this video was a request from a customer, so I hope it is helpful to a few of you. I do like to use the Yorkshire button over a flat mould, and here's one of the ways that I do it.

The new book is being launched next week with a show on The Craft Store, so here's fair warning you'll get a lot more from me over the week as I step up the whole social media stuff again. 

Enjoy your weekend, I will be working on samples for the show. 


  1. I do dearly love the Yorkshire button - whatever you do with it, it has a nice sweet, homely charm. Thank you for the idea (and where on earth did you find purple elastic ribbon?!!!!).
    We are well (Los Angeles County is back to masks after a huge pike) but the weather is starting to warm up - giant cu-nim clouds looming over the deserts east of us - which means we don't cool off much at night. Thank goodness for fans!
    Do stay safe and well this week - drive carefully, etc., etc. xxx

    1. Haha - I have a really big reel of the elastic, bought it as old stock. I'm going to put it up on the site, I have no idea who made it originally :)
      We are in a little heatwave ourselves, and no fans. Lovely getting into the car though with the air conditioning ;)
      Will you be attending any of the NBS zoom lectures next week? I have a few in my diary - now to see if I can stay up late enough.
      We are keeping our masks for the time being too. Our area has had huge increases. Not good.
      Stay safe and well both of you. We will take our time on our journey, thank you xx

    2. Bless the men who invented air conditioning and fans!
      I am afraid I'm not signed up for anything - zoom gives me a splitting headache - but I know several of the speakers and it will be worth your while to stay awake . Have a nap or have Himself bring lashings of strong tea. And enjoy!
      Stay safe and well. xxx

    3. I need some air conditioning today! Too hot to be on the computer for too long. Luckily, plenty of packing to get on with :)
      Stay safe and well, both of you!xx

    4. An excellent do-it-yourself coolant: wet tea towel with tap water, wring out, twirl or flap towel madly, apply to neck, face, legs. Twirl again, reapply! It helps ;)
      safe and well, both of you and the Toby pup. xx

    5. Thank you! That was well timed! Toby is a sun bunny and slightly mad - he gets up even on the hottest days and lies in the sun beams coming into the window. So I have my mad dog and Englishman ;)
      Stay safe and well both xxx