Friday, July 23, 2021

Button Craft: How to make a Yarrell Dorset Button - and button magnet / ...

And another new video! It's been hot under the lights without air conditioning, I can tell you. :)

Here I am patiently waiting for the new book's arrival, it should have been here a few days ago so I am rather stressed as it is launching tomorrow on The Craft Store...

These things are sent to try us. 

Other than that, it's been full on working samples and packing up the bundle we will be launching with. And being too hot. 

No, I am not complaining really. It makes a lovely change instead of rain.

Take care, stay safe, and I hope you can tune into the Craft Store tomorrow morning.


  1. Glad to have helped a bit on the cooling front - we've been in the 80' here also - 85' right now , which is why I have a fan wafting at me. Luckily it does cool off a bit at night but still only a sheet for covering.
    How funny that the Toby pup is such a heat lover! Our Bear cat was the same - she would sleep half on the grate of the floor furnace or in the full sun and she'd get so hot you couldn't touch her (black cat!), and sometimes she would get in the bed while it was still warm and push under the covers - I do miss her!
    I have fingers crossed for the book delivery - sounds like a good deal of fun for us all. And I know you will have made lots of samples by the time you read this. Oh - love the pusher piece - terrific idea - will save my old arthritic fingers a deal of discomfort.
    Travel safely, stay well, have fun, and sell lots of stuff! xxx

  2. Do like the 'pie crust' effect of going over the upper layer of spokes - makes for a very tidy edge. Your old button sample is great.
    Saw the show - everything sold out! Way to go, Team B!!!!! Hope you got home safely and have a little time to catch your breath. The new book is a winner and I think I really must have Don order it for me when he gets the computer back together (it had a total TU breakdown).
    Still warm here but cooling at night, which is good. Safe and well. Hugs all around. xxx

  3. I do hope you've managed to stay awake for your button talks - and enjoyed them!
    Safe and well. xx

    1. Hi! We are still playing catch up actually, did not expect quite such a rush. And of course, we don't get any of the actual show orders until Monday so it's been all hands on deck and will be for a few days now I expect.
      Yes, I do love that old button. The colour if nothing else.
      Gosh, how rotten about the computer! It is awful really that we need them so much now.
      It has cooled off a bit, but to be honest, I still feel hot and bothered.
      Last night's talks were early enough, and today I haven't really got anything unless I go into one of the chats, which I might as I am packing some kits. Tomorrow will be more intense I think.
      Thanks so much for tuning in, I do really appreciate it, even if I'm not as fast to reply to your comment as I should be.
      Stay safe and well xxx

    2. Don't fret at all about communication speed - I know you are working your posteriors off to keep all customers happy! And I know you've got masses more new stuff coming down the line - I keep thinking of long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs!
      It might be fun to do a chat room if you can - they just give me the heeby jeebies. I still haven't put a finger on the problem and I think I might enjoy visiting with friends if I can overcome the difficulties. Of course, this is the person who accidently pushed the 'cursor' lock and spent hours fretting around ;)
      Don is slowly working all the stuff he needs into the new computer. Much of what he has is from the dark ages and he's got some serious challenges but he will win in the end! I don't know why my little laptop seems ok, but I will just enjoy while I can! Now if they would just move up the delivery date on the new refrigerator! We can make snow balls with the ice buildup in the freezer compartment!!!!!
      Stay safe and

    3. 1:15 pm Wednesday - We are now the proud owners of one new bathroom sink with new faucets, a much lighter pocketbook, and a headache (mine) in reaction to the heavily scented fabric softener the plumber's wife uses on his uniform. He will be back shortly to replace the upstairs sink and faucet and I will dive back into my room and close the door. I think we should have become plumbers!
      Safe and well ;) ! xxx

    4. Left the house at 6pm to see an encore film of Carmen from the New York Met - plumber with every rag in the house trying to stop the waterfall from the downstairs sink - blockage in main drain :(. Opera was just as fabulous this time as the first (in 2010!) and the plumber seems to have cleared the drain - at least he is gone and the key was put through the mail slot. And now I am washing a full load of wet, nasty towels - ick, ick, ick!
      Hope your midweek is rather better! Hugs all around. Safe and

    5. Oh goodness, you have had a week of it! I do hope it is now properly sorted and you can enjoy the sink. And what a nice bonus to be able to go out and enjoy the film. I bet that felt a little weird to do. Things do these days. As you can imagine, it is full on for us - including planning another show for next week. They are like buses... I missed the one seminar last night that I was looking forward to about cleaning buttons - but 1.30am was just too much for me after a full day of packing. I think that's 2 I've missed that I registered for. Any other time I am fine to stay up quite late. oh well. The shame is that you can't register right up to a talk, to allow for schedule changes and things. But I am enjoying what I do get to listen to. Well, onward and upwards - Crime won't crack itself!
      Stay well and safe both of you xx

    6. Travel safely (and cool!) and have a good show. And happy shipping over the rest of the week - I will expect to hear the thuds sometime Saturday evening as everyone collapses in exhausted heaps. I think the Toby pup needs to learn to do St. Bernard imitations and carry little kegs of reviving liquids around! No, more trouble than it's worth :(. Any way, looking forward to the show. Hugs to all. Safe and well! xxx

    7. Thank you! Yes, getting a bit tired now I must say! Still working on getting the last of the books out, I do think Sunday has a good chance of being an all-day blah day. Hope you managed to get all those towels clean and there's no more hassles. Stay safe and well both of you xx

    8. Just watched the August 7 show - you and M. and the design team are just the bomb! Tools to make every step a little simpler, well finished, thoughtfully presented - the acrylic person is fabulous. I have tried a few bits of Kanzashi but it doesn't really float my boat - I think it is a matter of taste, not being a flowery sort of person, but it sure sounded as if there were lots of flowery folks out there ;) And I just love the way Paula gets all excited when she sees you do something and it really clicks into place for her!
      New sinks and faucets are working well, refrigerator is still making snow in the freezer and bags of ice every other day are saving the stuff in the refrigerator section. Hope the new fridge comes when they say it will.
      Don is still wrestling mightily with the computer - do hold good thoughts, please? Thanks.
      I think I said the towels all came out well. All folded in the cupboard ready for the next wet disaster or car washing, whichever comes first.
      Hope you all enjoy a few hours of relaxation on Sunday, and have a not too stressful week of packing and shipping. Stay safe and well. Hugs to all. xxx

    9. Oh thank you! Been so busy I don't if I am coming or going and must update both blog and YouTube this week! Yes, our flowery things often get picked up by paper crafters - our real crossover items. Paula is really such a nice person. Then again I do like all of the presenters - they are well chosen for different points I think, but all actually nice people.
      Fingers crossed that new fridge arrives soon! How frustrating for you.
      Nothing so new to report here other than working away! Haha - no rest for the wicked I guess.
      Stay safe and well both of you. Cases are up again in our area (higher than the national average) so we are still masked up when out. At least I am saving money on lipstick... Fingers crossed for that computer wrangling xxx