Friday, August 13, 2021

How to make a Kanzashi flower using stamping & sewing / make a kanzashi ...

Sorry I haven't been keeping the blog as up to date as I should. It's been a really hectic couple of weeks and thank you all for your support with new new book. I don't think we kept anyone waiting too long with our packing for the post.

A new video - just going over some of the steps to make a sewn kanzashi flower, using our new stamp set. I did promise I would do a video of the stitch technique, and many find the slow drying nature of the glue a bit frustrating - and who can blame them. 

Knowing the stitch technique comes in really handy when you want to make big petals and the glue often doesn't hold them well. Traditionally the flowers are very small and delicate, and of course perfectly made by masters, but having something big and bold is great too. It would probably also work really well with those fabrics that the glue just doesn't work with.

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay safe and well!


  1. These little stamped guys are so cute! And good, clear how-to is much appreciated.
    Hope you et al have had a chance to catch your breath and restore the soul before plunging into the next maelstrom. Do try to remember to just stop an breath once in a while.
    Am off to the dentist this afternoon for the implantation of a nice metal post to put a new tooth on in a few months! Soft foods and an icepack for a few days. Luckily he is good at anesthetic and I don't feel too 'fight or flight' with him. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Stay safe and well. xxx

    1. So typical, somehow missed this first comment! I really must get a bit more organised. Glad that it did go well. xxx

  2. Easy peasy! In by 1:15, out by 2:15, no muss, no fuss, nor swelling nor bleeding-lovely bit of titanium nicely settled in - now I wait three months while the bone secures the metal and hey, presto - a new back molar! We certainly are lucky to have such good care!
    Hope you all have had a bit of rest and recreation before plunging into the work again. Stay safe and well. xxx

    1. Hurrah! Glad to hear it all went smoothly. That's really good news. Ah, no rest for the wicked here, the change to our show schedule is taking some getting used to, but we will get there!
      Stay safe and well both of you xx

    2. Don't you just LOVE those hideous crashes? They add so much to our lives! Mine were only trees 'relaxing' into the house and a shed - no injuries to anyone and the shed was already wobbly. Hope they have a repair crew with you and that the tractor driver is ok and has decided that maybe cider is not the best beverage for a man driving!
      Does the change in show schedule move you to midmonth? And one show
      day of broadcasting? Remember to go outside and just breath every so often!
      The Facebook group is very lively! And they are doing some great stuff. I think I'll have to share some things when the big computer gets sorted out.
      Hugs all around. Stay safe and well. xxx

    3. Tractor drove off right away, oblivious (whether willfully or not is open to question!) to the damage the trailer had caused... Basically, he had mis judged the turn into the lane, so tried backing out, into the pole on the opposite side of the road. Tension snapped the wires. Thankfully, repairs done very quickly as it is on a main road.
      The new schedule is one show about 2 weeks apart. Given that the week after a show has a good part devoted to packing the orders (everything is on direct dispatch) it takes some getting used to.
      Yes, the group has some great things, do please share!
      Stay safe and well both of you! xxx

    4. Yikes! OK, I'll know that you've just collapsed on the floor in exhaustion if we don't hear from you. The Craft Show is probably trying to keep things balanced, given the number of companies that have gone, but it does make it very tough on you. Will hold good thoughts for all.
      Stay safe and well. xxxx

    5. Aww thanks! Take care both xxx

    6. My kitchen is now ruled by a black and silver monster, 4" taller, 6" wider and 7" deeper then my poor old fridge! They had to take the front door off the hinges to get it into the house we spent yesterday moving piles to clear a path! We are exhausted!!!!! Don, bless his boots, has been such a hero - scrubbing around and under the old box, vacuuming the carpet exposed by furniture moving - I'm pretty sure I am going to keep him!
      I don't know how all the stuff accumulated, really I don't. I think it all has kittens when we aren't looking! Does your house do the same thing?
      Hugs to all and stay safe and well. xxx

    7. Oh well done, yes certainly a keeper ;)
      As far as my crafty stuff goes, yes, it definitely has kittens! We are managing to keep other stuff better under control - a few ear clippings going on lol!

      Stay safe and well and enjoy the new monster! xxx

    8. Am watching the rewind of today's show - how on earth are you sitting there looking wide awake and talking sensibly? I would be just totally frizzled into a pathetic heap after all the prep work! And the Victorian pincushions are a joy! We must have been looking in the same old books!
      Off to get the stitches out of my jaw - the implant post seems to have taken nicely.
      Will finish show when I get home ;)

    9. Oh you are nice! I woke up this morning and felt really old, so that is sweet! They are fun aren't they? I've also made some of the star designs, but couldn't quite get the instructions simplified enough.
      Hope the stitch removal has been ok - so glad that the implant has taken! xxx

    10. Ah! Stitches out easy peasy and a very soft brush which tells me to "use the fuzzy end". And home to a late lunch from the monster, which still makes us jump when we turn the corner into the kitchen!
      I've forgotten - do you have a person at the unit to lend a hand with the shipping or does Toby carry the various bits of an order to the packing person? Or is it just you and Himself, head down and hustling like mad? Anyway, remember to breath once in a while, please ;)
      What lovely and inventive things you and the design team made - I think the tape cover tassel was especially clever. I am sorely tempted at the moment to branch out or I was until I saw the piles of embroidery and sewing stuff oozing across the floor toward my chair! And the bobbin lace bags are staring to fuss. Anyway, splendid show all around and applause for all concerned.
      Do, please, stay safe and well, and don't fret if you can't get to this place - I'll know it is work, not interest! Hugs to all. xxx

    11. Just us, hustling like mad! You'd think I'd loose a little weight, the amount of running around we do haha! Yes, temptation is a bad thing. My branch out is trying to make books holding buttons. I've half finished one. It was supposed to be a relaxation thing on a Sunday morning, but I only really managed the one session. Ah well.
      As for my bobbin lace - oh that's sat forlornly for a fair few years!
      Stay safe and well both of you, and remember to use the fuzzy end. Sounds a nice mantra actually! xx


    12. Books holding buttons! Brilliant! Might be the next rabbit hole. But first I have to get down the Hungarian red on white sort of like Hardanger - I ran across the battered piece a friend had given me and today the fabric and thread threw themselves at my ankles pleading to be used, so here I am! The model is a very quick and dirty, done for the tourists sort of thing and I feel I have to do something neat and tidy and a bit heirloomish, and it is worked on a three thread count rather than two, so who knows when or where I'm coming up for air;)
      Stay safe and well all of you, and step outside for a good deep breath of air every so often. xxx

    13. I heard the thuds as you collapsed at home after filling all the orders - well done! Hope you manage a few hours of rest over the weekend. Stay safe and well. xxx

    14. Saw the portrait of the Toby pup - Don says he looks like living popcorn! Glad to see that he is helping so much ;) Safe and well xxx

    15. Well, this wretched Kalotaszeg/ transylavanian, Roumanian-Hungarian piece is turning out to be a real bear! Very poorly stitched over three threads on poor quality fabric, I am alternately shrieking, tearing my hair out, and swearing! Tried drawing out a pattern on graph paper - HAH! Now I am really irritated - no b_____ piece of counted thread embroidery is going to beat me!!!! New piece of ground fabric, counted thread basting over threes -my personal emblem is the sea turtle because she never gives up!
      And did I tell you that the friend who gave me this piece to copy has another piece, in better condition, in blue?
      Safe and well, both of you. xxx

    16. Sorry for the late replies! Although working all weekend, it was a gentler type, writing button instructions and taking photos, so good in that I steered more or less clear of the computer.

      Oh what a bummer that the piece is proving so annoying for you! I absolutely hate projects like that. I know that you will wrestle it into submission though.

      we are full swing again into prep for the next show so honestly nothing to report. It is dreary and blah out there too, the not-so-nice type of autumn day.

      Stay safe and well - and Toby says hi!! xxx

    17. Prepare in peace! I can hear the bustle and hustle. Have some fun and remember to stop and breath deeply and exchange hugs! Stay safe and well. xxx