Sunday, September 05, 2021

How to make a magic wand with paper & twigs / PaperLathe & passementerie...

I'm really sorry for the delay in keeping up with the blog and the videos! We've been working some long hours, prepping for shows, packing, and working on new kits and books. To be honest, on Friday of this week I was sure it was Wednesday, so you can imagine :)

I recorded this video quite some time ago - originally it was going to be sent to The Craft Store for their blog, but the timing wasn't right, so I kept it by. I hope that some of you will find some inspiration and see that the PaperLathe system can be used for other items - not just tassels.

Speaking of The Craft Store, we are back on Tuesday the 7th, at 11am with Teneriffe Lace. I do hope you'll be able to tune in. Right, best go make some lace samples ready for demos, don't you think? Have a lovely weekend, what's left of it.


  1. Glad you saved this video for us - I think the anchoring method for the silver threads is worth a ton! Hope lots of people get as much use of it as I have!
    Travel safely, stay safe and well, hugs all around, and a successful show! xxx

    1. Oh thank you! Just a bit of fun, every so often I need a bit of something else. I hope you are both keeping well and safe xx

    2. That studio looked as if some demented florist threw hundreds of flowers all around! Between you and Ann and Chris the place was just awash in prettiness ;) And the demonstrations went well - plenty of kinked up thread and adding new lengths to let people see that even the glitches are quickly and easily overcome. And the the variety of pattern paddles is outstanding! I think the paddles are Team B's very best creations - they do put teneriffe into the simple and fast category - thank you.
      Hope the trip home was smooth - no one carsick or cranky - and you've all had a nice feet up and hot drink! Stay safe and

    3. Oh thank you - and for watching in the first place! We are having a little mini heatwave, so yesterday was a hot one! Thankfully car air con worked fine, and no hold ups on the route. So all happy. Now to start packing :) Stay safe and well xxx

    4. Funny you are having a hot spell - so are we, but here it is just normal stinking hot September and kids going back to school in misery. I am so glad Car is equipped with coolness for you three!
      The Kalotaszeg embroidery is actually progressing :) Working over three threads has finally become 'normal' and my hand and eye are getting a good feel for the flow of the work.. Makes life easier but I am doing a lot of counted basting, and a lot of picking out. One of my teachers always says that if you ain't rippin' you ain't stitchin'! She is right.
      Stay safe and well and as cool as possible - remember the damp tea towel! xxx

    5. I'm glad you didn't give up on that piece, at one point I did think you were annoyed enough with it to do so. No need to worry - it is the UK. Our mini heatwave is due to leave entirely by end of play today. And then it will be back to 3 layers at least. Stay safe and well xxx