Friday, September 10, 2021

Darn it! - Teneriffe Lace fillings - creating solid pattern blocks on yo...

I had a phone call this week from a lovely customer who's just about to embark on her Teneriffe lace making journey. She asked about more videos to help out when she was ready to try something more complicated. So, here's the first!

I will try to work a bit of an occasional series here, to show the different filling and decorative stitches. 

I hope you find it useful!

All hands on deck at the moment - all orders from our show this week have been dispatched, and thank you everyone again.
Book 2 in the new "Making Buttons" series (Thread Wrapped Buttons) is well underway - in fact, should be proof reading this weekend. To be fair, I had started it at the same time as the Dorset Ring Buttons book - it was just a case of which to finish first. And, already prepping for the next The Craft Store show, on Sept 22nd - we are going to be looking at ribbonwork for this show. I've an idea for a project pack I'm hoping to get through over the weekend.

But tonight, a big glass of wine and maybe even some cheese! 

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Whoo Hoo! All the shipping done, a nice video and progress on the next book! Let's hear it for Team GinaB!!!!! You have definitely earned the vino and cheese - don't forget to give the Toby pup his treat (as a reward for his BRILLIANT supervising!)
    I've done a bit of Teneriffe but find I'm more interested in the Hungarian 'pokos' (spiderwebs) that fills the holes in sheer fabric - it can take up to a year to make a particularly ornate pattern but it is so lovely that it is worth the sweat (or the money!). There are still women in the northwest part of the country that work this sort of embroidery and luckily there are still women in the rest of the country wealthy enough to have wedding veils made, otherwise the knowledge might have disappeared. My teacher was still giving classes in the local school and she said she found one or two students a year who loved the work enough to carry it forward, and all it takes is one to keep the fire burning. I, on the other hand, am miserably distractable and will trail off after any new embroidery that catches my eye - but I do, eventually, circle around and get back into each thing.
    I know your weather goes in for speed changing, although I remember one May that stayed hot for nine days!!!! The Hyde Park chairs were sold out to the sunbathers and there wasn't a drop of suntan lotion left in any Boots in town.
    Do stay warm, dry, safe and well and hugs all

    1. All that's needed is a few enthusiastic people and things can be kept alive. Even if it isn't fashionable. It soon will be again. No one wanted to learn to sew or knit on the 90s - look at them all now! lol.
      Still quite nice here, so perhaps I should have gotten out some sun cream ;) Paperwork and proofing weekend for me.
      Stay safe and well both of you! xxx

    2. Don't forget the hugs and walkies! xxx