Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Button Autopsy - Victorian's Secret / Examining an antique silk covered ...

And now for something completely different!

a little mid-week short



  1. So glad you were able to finally conduct this autopsy! It is interesting to see the center hole plugged that way - I have a few oldies that look as if they weren't plugged, perhaps because the fabric was heavier and darker. Now you can wind a nice Staphorst style onto the empty mold!
    It got unseasonably cool here for a few days - the furnace came on! I pulled up another blanket and put on socks!!!!! I wonder if our weather controller is taking notes from your weather controller? Oh well, it will heat up again soon ;).
    The Kalotozeg red embroidery progresses - starting to do the drawn thread areas. My piece, not surprising, looks much neater and tidier then the model - also not quite so unsquare because my fabric isn't so far from even weave.
    Does Yoko have a new book out or a class? I am just totally awestruck by the latest posts. She makes the progressively more complex wrapping patterns look so doable! If I have any sense at all, I will get thread and molds and work along from the start! Do send her thanks and applause should you have the chance, please? Thank you.
    Hope the proof reading progresses well. Stay safe and well, all! xxx

    1. I haven't seen the plug before, I've taken apart many - even finer silk ones. It was interesting as I was really filming this to practice what I'd like to do in the future, and of ended up with something interesting to publish.
      I love playing with wrapping too, but as always, Yoko takes it to another level! I think it is just an exercise for herself going through like doodling She said to me she was happier to start adding some weaving - and of course did that spectacularly yesterday.
      I am glad to hear you haven't put down that embroidery! As I've said before, you really should have a blog so that we can see what you are up to!
      Stay safe and well! xxx

    2. Had a nice little (4.3) earthquake at 8 pm - Sounded like a truck crash or someone dropping a BIG rock - a couple of things jumped off the shelves here and I'm sure other people had the same. Doesn't seem to be anything more, just noisier than usual. We were sitting on the sofa watching tele and just held hands and went on with the program - what else can one do?
      Do stay safe and well, and hugs all around. xxx

    3. Sorry, pet - too d-d computer handless and too lazy - you'll have to settle for me blathering along here ;)
      Don is getting notes from his friends asking if all is well - he forgot that they all know where he lives and the larger quake made the news. He says he has written 'bringing up to date' notes to them all - it did rather bring them out of the woodwork.
      Laundry time - why can't we just wave a wand or wiggle our noses? Or wear skins that we put out in the sun twice a year whether they need it or not? Of course, that was back when we all were going to work and school and had to look civilized every day - now we are old and retired and don't much care what we look like, although we do scrap the dirt off fairly regularly. I think I am going to have to go find some new T-shirts since I've managed to eat down the fronts of almost everything - I know, I know - bibs!!!! Thanks!
      Hope the show prep is coming along - looking forward to whatever goodies you bring. Travel safely, stay warm and safe and well, and hugs all around. xxx

    4. So glad all's ok and only a few shakes for you. When in Leicestershire, we had the odd one, the worse was probably a few years back, I was in the top floor of a three story - I felt it move properly then... Not a pleasant sensation.
      Don't even talk to me about laundry. Currently shopping for new washing machine and dryer. Dryer dies a long time ago, not a problem really over summer, but washing machine is not doing so well now.. argh.
      Stay safe and well, both of you. xxx

    5. We are about due for new washer and dryer - they have that slightly hesitant quality about them that things develop just before they go tango uniform - and I am afraid it will be very hard to find a nice, simple pair that just does the job! They all seem to think you are washing $100 a pair undies. Good luck in your hunt. xxx

    6. Laundry pretty much out of the way, new machines looked at ( can not believe that the simplest washing machine we could find costs more than my first car :( ), most groceries purchased and put away, clever enough to provide a nice slice of cake to share as reward!
      Stay safe and well, both of you and T., of course! xxx

    7. Cake sounds an excellent plan! Still haven't decided here, will just let the current machine plod on a bit longer... bit like me, lol!

      Stay safe and well both of you xx

  2. Enjoyed your little mid week-short :)