Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How to make a Ribbonwork Ladies Slipper Orchid / Flower Comb Ribbon Ruch...

Many thanks to everyone who tuned in to today's show over in The Craft Store! 

Here's a video of the flower that I made as one of the demo's during the show - I have to say I do love how the patterns can be mixed up to create something different.

I would suggest that if you do have any of the Flower Combs, to go ahead and work each one for a sampler. Start out with the same length of ribbon - that way, you can see how much it compresses, but also how each pattern reacts. 

A materials list for this flower - 

25mm wide yellow ribbon
25mm wide green ribbon
thread, needle, scissors
acrylic paint (used here: IndigoBlu translucent paint colour - "purple rain")


  1. I didn't know that the Great Toby was into ribbonwork and could give so many helpful hints! Well done, T.! And I had a real gust of 1920's evening dresses and cloche hats - could hear the Charleston echoes in my mind's ear. All the samples were so nicely presented - it must have taken weeks to get them all done. The folded up cardstock box frames are really useful and effective and probably make packing and set-up faster and easier. I should think those frame thingies would be good for button display also - hmmmm.
    First live face to face meeting of the Orange County Button in a year and a half - only seven of us but all glad to be there, and all had a good time.
    Glad the show went well and you are all safely home. Stay warm and healthy. xxx

    1. Yes, we were surprised at how much Toby knew about ribbonwork haha! The boxes were originally for a trade fair that we did - velcro to the wall panel and it was a great way to show the different effects. They are easy for transporting - the flowers don't get crushed, but not as easy to display on a counter. They kept falling :)
      I'm so glad that you were able to get to your meeting. It is nice to be able to really see people again isn't it? Stay well and safe both of you xxx

    2. Is Yoko playing with and advance copy? Too inspiring for words!!!
      Safe and well. xxx

    3. No, my next book is just wrapping, only the teeniest bit of weaving. Yoko is playing with weaving and as always, being perfectly wonderful with it!

    4. I am glad she has come through what seemed to be a rather bad patch and is back on track. And I am looking forward to your book (soon? ;)).
      Having a good time reading The Encyclopedia of London again, with an A to Z on one hand and a few other reference books on the other hand. And now that I know how to google stuff ( sort of ) I can sometimes manage a walk around the place I'm reading about. Of course this does make me deeply homesick, but very happy at the same time.
      Hope the weekend was a little relaxing, or at least different. Have a good week and all stay safe and well. Hugs all around. xxx

    5. Her latest is probably the most awesome - have you seen the corncob!
      I tried the google maps for some of my childhood places - being military, I think every one is now demolished. So nothing there for fond memories. Ah well.
      Book will be released on 23rd Oct. Now just to make sure my paperwork gets all completed within the next week or so. :)
      I hope that you are both well? xxx

    6. I did see the corncob on her site and I am so glad she shared it with the Gina Group. A masterpiece!
      How distressing to not find your places - of course mine are all changed too -very full of people and houses and 'stuff' or gone all downhill and ratty. Oh well, they are all there in our minds' eye, always bright and shiny (or not, as the case may be).
      You will get all that needs doing done, in good time, with the help of M. and T. and it will be a best seller!
      We are both indeed well - got our flu jabs yesterday ( brilliant nurse - no discomfort of any sort:) )- and I'm up to a whole mile without having to sit down and catch my breath! Don, quite rightly, says we can't do any trips until I can walk and breath properly. of course, when in London there is a Costa or Cafe Nero every other block, so resting is more fun (but fuller of calories!). I think we are just about ready for a few days up the coast in Cambria - our very most favorite chunk of California! Of course, it has gone and gotten all full of people also but the hills are the same and so is the ocean.
      Safe and well, hugs all around. xxxx

    7. Well done! I need to do more walking about, will be very happy when my shoe insoles arrive and I can get more mobile again.
      I think the memories of places are better anyway, though I will admit to being a little upset that the apartment block my grandparents lived in was gone...
      Stay safe and well, and wish us luck in our petrol quest xx

    8. Don has told me about the petrol famine - how totally typical that a process that worked well before EU can't be reinstated! I remember our gas crisis - it is amazing how far one can get on fumes but quite scary when it really is empty. Will most assuredly be holding good thoughts.
      It has cooled off a bit here -a little early, I think - Don says not- and the blankets have started their annual slithering contest and I really have to take the sewing machine for a checkup because I really have stuff to sew:). Might even break down and turn on the furnace although I don't like blowing air at all (the house in my head has heat of some sort in the floors - very quiet, very cozy)
      Stay safe and well and hugs to all. Merry petrol hunting! xxx

    9. I was googling around where I grew up and found they had put bright blue Johns Manville siding on the house, bright white trim, and cut down the two tall pine trees that had the best swing in the world hung in between! Not quite as distressing as losing a whole building, but irritating!
      Just finished another load of laundry - ran out of under garments :(
      Thought of you and your machine - hope you can coax it into keeping things going until there is a gap big enough to find a new one. We had one of those eco smart washer /dryer things in one of our London flats - I suppose it did save water but I might just have well spent several hours slapping a sheet on a flat rock, and the racket when it spun the water out was terrifying. And it had a very delicate and sensitive computer program which coughed and turned up it's toes if you did the wrong thing, requiring a repair visit - the nice repairman said that all the landlords who had installed that model were uninstalling it as soon as they could afford to.
      Happy gasoline hunting and stay safe and well. xxx

    10. Petrol situation is not really anything to do with Brexit, but to do with scaremongering. The press has mixed up two stories - HGV shortage (with is just as bad in the EU, both Germany and Poland have massive driver shortages too so another story) but HGV drivers can't drive tankers anyway, that's a different licence. Apparently there was some local issue in some area or another (sickness or being pinged by the covid app), the press got hold of it, blew it out of proportion, next thing you know there's a run on the petrol stations virtually countrywide, and apparently the problem now is that the tankers can't get to all the stations to fill them up quickly enough! You couldn't make it up.
      Haha, when we first married we had one of the first washer drier things, only a little thing that was supposed to be so brilliant. Oh gosh it was useless. no proper outlet for the condensation, and everything just seemed damp. And you could maybe wash one outfit. I was looking at the new fancy ones and while I'm sure they have moved on, I can't bring myself to even consider it.
      Stay safe and well both of you xx

    11. Will tell Don that the petrol panic is press idiocy -good hunting! That is, I'll do that when I have found all my tabs - which I leave along the top, because I can't figure out how to find them - and someone took this laptop and gave it an update, which caused said laptop to eat everything and sit here smirking at me!!!! AAAARGH!!!!!
      We wound up leaving the flat after we put in our minute amount of laundry and yes, it did seem damp even after a furious day of work. My Hungarian friends all have tiny washers that do two shirts and a sock, and an extractor and they still festoon the house with drying laundry! I am certain in my own mind that all these 'new' machines actually do a poorer job, cost more in materials and environmental damages and in general are not improvements.
      Do stay safe and

    12. By the by - someone is seriously considering hiring a food taster ;)

    13. It is actually raining right now! 4:45pm Monday, October 4 - Thunder, lightening, wet stuff coming from the sky! There are little kids in my town who are scared spitless because they have never seen anything like it. And it is 80' farenheit! Whee!!! xx

    14. 5:30 pm - walkies - dark and stormy overhead, a few little spatters, and a lovely painterly sunset - positively Walthamstow! xx

  2. Haha, kids scared of storms, that made me smile. I bet you get quite dramatic storms with the heat as well. It rained here too yesterday - you know the sort of relentless drizzle with a cold wind that is autumn here, lol! Will be running around like a loon today getting ready for tomorrow. A 9am show means up at least at 5 to be there on time - and with make up. :)
    Stay safe and well - and dry! xxx