Thursday, January 27, 2022

A new little video showing some of our new items!

A little video showing one of the samples I've made for our show on The Craft Store on Saturday. We will be launching our new ganutell kit - lots of sparkly wirework! We'll also have these little display frame packs with stands, great not only for ganutell, but many other things - after all, we all need reasons to make pretty passementerie, don't we? So this video takes you through decorating a frame with fancy fabric. 

Right, on to start making the One Button a Week collages for this week!

Stay safe and well everyone!


  1. I am truly going to have to find some very high church churches, especially Mexican Catholic, and look for these decorations - not sure I can get to Europe to see any but I can scout around here! Loved all the historical information you shared - did not realize there was such variety in style and method. Hope everything sold out - and that you found most of the beads from the displays (TWO tables!).
    Mad about the button bracelets - all very chic and fun, especially the big greeny, brown stacks. And is the scarf made with Mark's Spoonflower fabric? I thought I noticed some buttonish shapes. Nicely arranged and you looked lovely.
    Hope all are safely home, feet up, glass in hand, taking a short break before packing starts. Hugs all around, stay well and warm. xxx

    1. I bet that Mexican Catholic churches will have a whole new set of techniques I will need to learn - they certainly developed many of the Spanish laces into their own. Could be a nice rabbit hole next chance I have...
      The button bracelets are all from "Button Down Designs" in the US. Check her Facebook page, she has sells from their or in person.
      Scarf is made from the same image Mark created for the the Jigsaw. He created it for the scarf - it is all of my One Button a Day 2016 buttons, and was my birthday gift when that finished. As it is a square, it doesn't really work for a spoonflower repeat.
      Toby is a bit poorly with upset tummy and didn't settle much last night, so will be trying to have a very chilled day for him.
      Stay safe and well xxxx

    2. Sending good thoughts for Toby - upset tums are no fun at all.
      I don't do jigsaw puzzles but I did recognize Mark's hand work - lovely. And what a nice present!
      Just took a peek at Button Down Designs - easy to break the bank there! A friend of mine makes and sells jewellry -mostly in Southern California - and I have to actively restrain myself - her style suits me to a T. And she is a good egg, as are most of the button people I know - present company included ;-)
      Stay safe and well. xxxx

    3. Little lad is much better today thank you. Phew!
      Yes, I agree about button people - you too! xxx
      Stay safe and well

    4. So glad the pup is better! Hugs all around. safe and well and warm. xxx

    5. Excellent save on that plate! safe and well. xxx

    6. :) I hope you are both keeping well and safe xx

    7. Doing our very best - Don has some interesting 'old guy' aches that he is about ready to take to the doctor ( he likes to let things 'ripen') but on the whole we are all right. Hope that is true for you two also? Not the aches & pains but the ok! Is Toby's tum behaving?
      Going to shop today - down to the end of the last roll of loo paper (I like to live dangerously!) and out of bread, fruit and chicken and, most important, filters for the drip coffee. Should be nice -warm and sunny after a lot of chilly and gloomy and all the ornamental pear trees are making lovely white blossom clouds all over town.
      Hugs all around. And stay safe and well. xxx

    8. Oh the aches are certainly true haha. We're doing fine. Glad to hear you both are too. Toby's tum has settled, back to wanting to eat everything. Always hoping for more, should have named him Oliver. We've had a lot of wind, but the snowdrops are coming up now, and in a little wild space over the road I can see the celadine carpet under their trees. Our trees have a while to go before buds - it's still really quite cold (lots of layers at the unit!)
      Stay safe and well xxx

    9. Oddly enough, snowdrops are one of the few bulbs that does very well here - they don't seem to mind lack of cold or water - just keep on popping up. In fact they are quite hard to get rid of. People across the street finally scraped and dumped the layer of soil that had the flowers. And paper white narcissus are very happy here - I've seen old flower beds bursting with them. Don can not abide the scent so we have none in the yard and hold our noses when we walk by a clump of them.
      Shopping safely completed and all of life's needs are back in stock!
      Stay safe and well. xxx

    10. Oh that surprises me! I tend to think all spring bulb need a cold snap. Although, who says what's cold, right? Here, you are not supposed to dig wild snowdrops (as in to sell or plant them).
      Glad your foraging was a success! Stay well and safe xx

    11. Can't think why there is a law about snowdrops - just buy a dozen bulbs at the garden center, bung them into the farthest corner of the yard and wait - the silly things will take over in five years! ;) xxx