Friday, February 11, 2022

Playing catch up this week!

Hi Everyone!

Well, this week has been a bit mad for me - I hope you've managed to have a bit more of a relaxed time.

Busy busy getting ready for our next show over on The Craft Store - next Saturday the 19th. We will actually have 2 new button kits, and both will be exclusive to them for 7 days. As we move forward, most items that we launch over on the channel will be exclusive for a period of time. More about the kits next week.

The real rushing has been for the big job that I can't talk about haha. Lots and lots of extra items at very very rushed timescales now until the end of the month. A case of "oh I bet Gina can do that" I think haha! All very exciting, though time consuming!

Above is the video of last week's "Rain" contributions. Goodness me, every week just gets better, honestly! So many wonderfully creative people!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone xx


  1. I had forgotten about the secret project plate - sounds as if it has been a trifle wobbly :) but improving? Good!
    The button project has rather fallen off my plate because of a Kogin fundraising workshop with my old embroidery guild chapter - they were foolish enough to send the instructions last month and I just happened to fall over some great fabric and enough thread to see the pattern darning through! Silly girls! Anyway, the 'do' was today and I had a good time, with kudos on the pillow top, two raffle baskets, and a truly fabulous floor standing work lamp with a magnifying lens! And getting to see folk that I haven't seen in person for at least two years. Good teriyaki chicken with rice and California sushi and decent coffee in the morning - life is good!
    I do hope you get a smattering of rest and recreation on Sunday. Anyway, hugs all around and stay safe and warm and well. xxx

    1. How lovely that you've had such a nice get-together! things are starting to get a little back to normal now, aren't they. It is amazing how even those of us who never socialised much have missed socialising!
      Still working away on the project, but it is getting closer to being finished! Phew! Stay well and safe xxx
      (Oh and I don't know why re snowdrops either - although I think the wild ones are in decline)