Wednesday, February 16, 2022

It's our last show on The Craft Store this Saturday!


Buttons from the Queen's Jubilee Buttons Kit by Gina-B Silkworks

Yes, technically it will be our last show on The Craft Store, as from the 25th the name will change to Create & Craft. Which is a bit sad really. We'll be on at 10am, so an early start for us.

But in happy news - we will be launching two new button kits. Both kits will be exclusive to The Craft Store for a week, from then you'll be able to get in on our website as well.

I am not sure which kit I like the most. I guess I'm not supposed to have a favourite!

The kits are our Queen's Jubilee Buttons Kit - the buttons are shown above. I have to say I'm quite pleased with the leek as that was a worry when I first planned out the buttons! 

The second kit is Bottle Cap Buttons. There are two colourways available, and you'll be able to make 6 buttons. The kit includes new bottle caps, and little stickers to use on your caps if you wish.

Bottle Cap Buttons Kit - Spring colourway - from Gina-B SilkworksBottle Cap Buttons Kit - Brights colourway - from Gina-B Silkworks

I'm still working on some bits for the big job - only a few before everything is more or less wrapped up on that I think. So for the next few days I will be packing kits, prepping the show and working on a few bits.

I hope you'll be able to tune in on Saturday!


  1. Both new kits look totally fabulous! I think the Jubilee set may be the best thing you've created so far! Love what the design team girls have done with them also - winners all around and sure to be best sellers.
    Don tells me he got a notice from London Transport saying limit travel to essentials and watch out for trees falling over - you three travel very carefully, please? Sounds as if there is some hair raising stuff going on!
    Stay safe and warm and well. xxx

    1. Thank you!, Luckily we had a moment of calmer weather as we travelled- it all started up again about a mile from home. I think today a third big storm is due. Its certainly been a weekend to talk about the weather. Lots of packing to do now! Stay well and safe both of you xx

    2. I've been thinking about what your presenter said on Saturday about not being able to find a snip of red, white or blue fabric, let alone a bit of print or stripe in those colors - guess it will be a dressed up day for the whole country! I can remember clearly Mum waking me up and taking me into the living room to watch the broadcast and hearing her say we would never live to see the like again. Sadly, she has gone ahead but I'm still here!
      We have a couple of nasty cold fronts sweeping down the west coast making rain and snow all the way and my furnace is running on and on as the heat gets sucked out of the house - then the whole thing heads east, snowing and blowing on friends and relatives - I don't know if these fronts just keep going east to Land's End but if they do brace, brace, brace! Do try to stay warm and well and safe and dry! Hugs to all. xxx

    3. The sun is shining this morning and it seems quite odd after three storms hitting. It has been crazy. Happy to be in a strong stone house I have to say. I hope your cold snap comes to an end soon.
      Yes, red, white and blue anything is getting tough to get, I was really surprised! Hopefully it will be a great weekend - we will have a four-day weekend to celebrate. Well, those who don't have to work so that others can have a celebration of course! Stay well and safe xx

    4. I was particularly taken by the green canopy project - life for your grandchildren - and the Big Lunch - sounds like that one has been happening every milestone year. And they seem to have some decent planning in place - I suspect they have built on prior jubilees.
      The cold is still here - I have ice cubes where my ankles should be! But I will not fuss too much - there is still a roof overhead, walls that keep some of it outside, a heater, and plenty of food! I figure we are way ahead of the game! AND we have lots of good toys like buttons to play with!!!!
      Safe and well! xx

  2. Absolutely can not complain about cold - a friend in Montana reported yesterday's high was -2'F and the low was 28'F - ouch! xx

    1. We have had sunshine, snow, hail and wind today, so goodness knows what's happening. Yes, the green canopy seems like a great project.
      Stay well and safe. What a world it is... xxx