Friday, January 21, 2022

Let's talk about button moulds! PLUS One Button A Week- week 2 - winter ...

Button moulds - what are they, and what can I use?

This topic came up this week over on our Facebook group, and I thought this would be a good thing to do as an informational video - sometimes seeing something is better than just reading about it.

Of course, we have loads of button moulds over on our website, but I know that international shipping does mean that some may not always be able to get what they want. 
But there are so many different things that can be used as a button mould, so I hope that this gives you a bit of an idea.

At the end of the video is more wonderful community contributions for the One Button a Week Challenge - week 2 with the prompt "winter". 

Do pop over to the blog for the challenge for the images and some other snippets about the challenge!

This weekend, it is all about winding wire and packing kits -

Yes, we are getting back into it and have a show over on The Craft Store on the 29th of January! We will be bringing ganutell kits - along with a new kit based on the Cloisterwork techniques - all sparkly and shiny wires and pretty flowers. 

For those of you who follow these things, last week was quite the week. The Craft Store took over Create & Craft (the tv shopping company where we started out). So, who knows, we may end up with some shows over there at some time!

Stay safe and well everyone!


  1. Excellent treatise on molds - hope it will be encouraging and useful to the gang. And Thank You for the old wash cloth with the buttons pinned on - that alone was worth the price of admission! Oh, and the cork - I understand that if you boil them it is much easier to slice them - I am going to give it a go. And lastly - the button pix - lovely cut and paste!
    All is well here - except that laundry is rearing its' nasty head - naked with skins to spread out in the sun once in a while ;)
    Hugs to all and stay safe and warm and well and drive carefully. xxxx

    1. Oh thank you! Something different certainly, but hopefully helpful. I didn't know that about corks - will have to give it a try! I just used a really sharp scalpel :)
      Yes, I'm on the laundry too today. Oh the joys of real life!
      Take care both, and stay safe and well xxx