Wednesday, January 26, 2022

We're back at the Craft Store this Saturday

We will be back at The Craft Store on the 29th at 10am with a ganutell flowers show - and a new kit in the range. 

This time, the kit will focus on Cloisterwork techniques - these flowers are made using only wires and so are full of sparkle. 

 Our full range of ganutell kits is designed to teach a particular technique, from the spiral would thread flowers to fluffy chenille styles. To see the full range - visit our website

As you can imagine, it is currently all hand on deck getting ready, lots of kits to pack :)

I do hope you'll be able to tune in.

And, for your diary: Our next scheduled show is on Feb 19th at 10 am - with buttons... 


  1. Very Italian altar decor! Travel safely. All well here. xxx

    1. Oh thank you! A bit of an early start, but at least it isn't an 8am show! Stay safe and well both of you xxx