Friday, May 20, 2022

How to join Teneriffe Lace Medallions & Motifs - plus a few fillings / m...

I have been a bit lapse, haven't I? I have been keeping up over at the One Button a Week blog, but keeping two can be a bit hard sometimes. Sorry.

So here is a new video which I've been promising for a while. I hope it helps some of you! 

Next week is a biggie - I'm launching the next book in the "Making Buttons" series - Zwirnknopf Buttons - on Create & Craft on Saturday at 3pm. So, there is a lot to do! 

Watch this space - I'll pop a picture up in the week.

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  1. Don't fret about this blog - you always come around!
    Watched the video and made a suggestion - I did the slow way down bit and was able to follow a very complex embroidery stitch movement for movement - works a treat! Just don't forget to hit the mute button.
    The Button a Week program is just amazzzzzzing! And you are doing a great job keeping up with it. My non-member button friends have been following along each week and are awestruck. I keep falling down rabbit holes and getting side tracked but intend to put stuff up when Don has a free IT moment. (I had him tearing out what hair he has left when I asked for an enlargement of a chart - seems the new computer is not as smart as the old one and it took him ages to do a work-around, I have a chart I can see to use now and he is back to normal)
    The bottle brush tree in the backyard threw several branches down in last week's heavy wind, so Don and the neighbor have been chopping away. The rose bush is happy to see daylight again and has thanked us with a burst of little red roses (it is a rootstock bush - no idea what was grafted on to it forty years ago) and we found a squirrel nest, which might account for the missing mocking bird who usually sets up shop in that tree.
    Hugs to all, stay safe and well, travel safely to the show, sell out and have fun! xxx

    1. Oh thank you! Yes, I can see how slowing down would help - and yes to the mute! I can't imagine how funny it would sound otherwise :)
      The buttons being made are just wonderful aren't they? I love how we are seeing newbies get better and better each week too. I'm just amazed by everyone's enthusiasm for it.
      Well, as you can image busy packing this week, oh joy! Afternoon show though so no need to get up too early, yay!
      Stay safe and well, both of you xx

    2. Well, I am sorry to say that the nice people at Create and Craft have completely messed up their 'rewind' page - impossible to get to your show, aired yesterday, today! No matter what I tried I couldn't get it to appear. Which is sad, because you and your presenter always have a good time. I could have gotten it if I had tried last night . ....
      Oh well, that's life.
      Went to the 30th annual lunch and exhibit and SALE of one of the local embroidery guild chapters - sweet to see people, not so nice to realize how old we all are and how many have gone before. Lunch was tasty, the coffee was good, and I had fun at the sale - a dozen spools of Heminway and Corticelli crochet silk, at least 100 years old, two still with their little tissue paper tummy bands! And a big pile of Inspirations Magazine from Australia, some fine wool for Swedish pattern darning, and a short stack of books - love, love , love the boost that 'new' stuff gives - totally get the shopaholic.
      Hope everyone got home safely - no tummy troubles from an unwise snack (I know you and Mark would never do such a thing!).
      The packing will go well, of course, and I think the new book bundle is great ( saw it prowling around trying to find the actual show).
      Hugs to all and stay safe and well. xxx

    3. The show is today (28th) at 3pm our time(I think 7am for you) and rewind usually works about an hour later, so as I write you haven't missed it :) I love Inspirations magazine! It really is a great publication. Sounds a wonderful day.
      Must go get my face in order now !!
      Stay safe and well !

    4. The word 'addlepated' floats to the surface! Lovely show - good to see the repair on the last button, lets everyone know that we all make mistakes and the button police will not come and throw you in the clink. I know that my buttons are years away from, say, Yoko's but she has been doing it longer and she makes practice buttons every day, which I will never do, so mine are fine!
      Your face came out well and the sunflower button brooch was so lovely. xxx

    5. Thank you! I'm sorry, I've no idea how I missed this. Well, I do, we've been crazy busy. But really enjoyed the bank holiday, first time off we've had since Christmas! Mind you. lots to catch up on now. I hope you are both well and safe xxx

  2. Hello - we are both fine, just keep falling down assorted rabbit holes! Have to tell you a funny - I was working on a second sunflower button and thought I'd fill in the gaps first rather than last. Stop for the night. Pick it up this morning and realize there's a big string hanging - !!!!!! Took me ten minutes to realize I had accidently slipped some wraps off - grrrrr! Managed to get them back in place and am continuing the edge, but it was a tense few minutes!
    I know you and Mark have been busy as you can be - so glad you took the bank holiday. I'm sure Toby was happy to have some quality time with his people. You are doing a good job riding herd on the OBAW gang - must feel a bit like herding cats sometimes.
    Hugs all around and stay safe and well. xxx

    1. I was just thinking today as I am cleaning windows (cue singing) that I have been very lapse with the blog! Glad to hear that you are both well. My rabbit holes are currently boring things like cleaning, car service, checkups, boiler service, all that jazz. I suspect if I had found the thread I would have woven it to the back and stitched it in place. Or started over haha. I am in awe of your patience!
      Honestly, I'm just amazed at how many people are still doing the challenge 6 months in - and creating such beauty! Yes, Toby is very happy - had some mint dog ice cream (lactose and sugar free) as a treat!
      Stay well and safe both of you. xxx

    2. Window cleaning? Some strange British custom I know not of ;) xxx

  3. Am doing some creative avoidance - bagging, labeling, organizing Medici wool while studiously ignoring a mess of other tasks - fun!
    We had a bit of interesting weather - lots of thunder and lightning and spasms of downpour - they call it the monsoon season in Arizona and New Mexico, where they get it every June. Only lasted 24 hours but made for interesting driving. Now we are back to the usual huge puffy clouds poking their heads over the mountains.
    Hugs, safe and well! xx

    1. Creative avoidance - I like that! Although I seem knee deep in other tasks that can no longer be avoided sadly. We've had some lovely weather, except at the weekends when something is planned... can't complain, there is a good enough breeze to dry the washing on the line well.
      Stay safe and well, both of you xxx

  4. I think the weather gods get a kick out of messing with our plans! Only reason one can account for downpour while trying to get to a meeting!
    Line dried wash - wonderful feel and smell, very precious memories of two special drying lines - it is just too urban and nasty here to line dry, sadly.
    Safe and well, all three! xxx

    1. I know, I didn't line dry at all when we lived in a town.
      Take care, and may the weather gods be benevolent xxx