Monday, August 01, 2022

Button Autopsy - What is a four fold button anyway? Looking inside machi...

This video was made because I was asked about the difference between a four fold button, and others. I knew that four fold linen could refer to the thread spinning process, but thanks to my friend Noel, discovered it could mean literally folding fabric. 

So, how do we find out what it means for buttons? Buy a card of buttons advertised as four fold, and do an autopsy!


  1. Excellent dissection! I've never picked one of these apart but I now realize that I have a few rings that have completely lost every shred of fabric - I would think it was almost as fiddly to assemble one of these as it was to make a thread button, just much faster. Looking forward to the patent information.
    Hope the house refreshing is coming along well - I am at the point where just sweeping down a few cobwebs is a major achievement!
    Stay safe and well. Hugs all around. xx

    1. sadly, none of the patents match these buttons at all. I thought one did, but when reading it was quite different (am I ready for that rabbit-hole? haha) which proves you should never just look at the pictures of a patent! House refresh is moving along at a slow pace. Too much much woodwork in room - and 6 hour wait between coats. But getting there and looking nice. Mind you, feeling I must get rid of some furniture, as we've moved it out of the room to paint haha! Stay well and safe both xx

    2. I think you should just go stone cold minimal - a chair each - oh - yah, not at all your style ;) . I know it will be very nice when all done and reassembled, but yes, you probably can jettison a bit of furniture - I have a footstool on the back porch that has been there so long that it is disassembling itself!
      Patents seem to be very odd things - written in legal English so convoluted that only a patent lawyer can follow it - no, save that rabbit hole for later!
      We are both doing well and survived yesterday's major shopping expedition. Even got the groceries put away! You stay safe and well too - and take it easy up and down the ladders! xxx

    3. It's starting to look settled now, yay! Now to catch up on paperwork and boring stuff. haha. No rest for the wicked they say. Glad your expedition went well. Always good to get the foraging sorting successfully! Stay well and safe, both of you!