Friday, September 30, 2022

Button back ideas - finishing Dorset, thread & handmade buttons / Facebo...

Well, at the beginning of the month I did a little Facebook live over in our group. It nearly didn't happen, but I got there in the end. 

I decided that I would upload the recording to YouTube - after all, the info in it is as helpful to everyone else (I hope) as it was to those who were able to tune in. 

Of course, these ideas are not the only ones - I seemed to have forgotten quite a few that I use. But hopefully, this will give you some ideas for finishing your buttons.


  1. Great editing, sweetie! And I had missed making a metal shank - very useful indeed! Well done. xx
    It seems that ants survive poison gas quite nicely ( I think their nest is far enough underground ) and now I have them swarming around the kitchen sink and wandering all over, including over me!!!! Wiping down with white vinegar almost every time I go near the kitchen -eventually they give up and leave but it is irritating while they are here.
    Stay warm and safe and well. xx

  2. Bulletin! Ants come into the structure to feast on dead termites and such!!!! Who knew? xx

    1. Wow, how interesting! I also didn't know the white vinegar trick, so logging that one for the future. I bet it would work for a lot of little creatures. We live in such a hard water area white vinegar is my friend anyway - especially with black pans and a liking for poached eggs....
      Thanks about the video. I'd intended for it to be finished and uploaded earlier, but with the Queen's death just couldn't seem to get over the last hurdle.
      Stay safe and well both of you xxx

    2. I buy the stuff in gallon jugs! xx

  3. Ant invasion slowing to a dull roar but a few did try to walk across me in bed!
    The lace buttons are even more wonderful - I think folks have got the hang of this challenge! Thanks to Yoko I know what to do with the bits of tape too short to use in a piece (and there are lots of those!).
    Thanks for the cooler weather - no sweaters here yet but much better all around.
    Hugs all around. Stay safe and well and warm, all three! xxx

  4. Another ant bulletin - we seem to have gotten them out of the kitchen but they are moving upstairs and east into bedrooms and bathrooms - no idea what they are after in my jewelry drawer! Vinegar at the ready.
    This lace week is pretty darned spiffy - we may have to create an I.O.L.M. off shoot! I do miss the bobbins and the friends who have gone on - but that's what happens with age, I guess
    Hugs all around - oh, I keep forgetting to ask - does Toby still 'snap" the necks of his toys? You are a good mom to mend them for him! Stay safe and warm and well. xxx

    1. So sorry for my late reply, too much work! I guess the ants enjoyed their feast so much they are now trying to find more. Hopefully they'll soon give up. Lace week really is quite wonderful isn't it? I've yet to start mine - again. I have a plan though! That's better than some weeks when work gets intense. Toby is pretty good with toys most of the time, it's more when there is a loose seam, he'll find it and then pull out the stuffing... He gets most of his excitement running around the house when the neighbour's dog walks by (they have changed their route). It drives him crazy. He just doesn't like him! Oh well. Chilly again here, at the time when it's usually warmer outside than inside the stone house!
      Stay safe and well both of you, and I hope the ants bugger off soon!

    2. Dear girl! Never apologize for a late reply - you are running a household, a business, television appearances, a dog and a dear person - I am always tickled to death to hear from you!
      I just asked about Toby because I remember some photos of him snapping the neck on his duck toy. Don said 'of course he did - he is bred to catch things that size and snap their necks.' Good Toby! Of course, if he is like my cats have been he will probably come to you, point out the rat/mouse/vermin, and say Mommy, fix it! None of them ever caught anything more than a lizard's tail. We had a bird fall down the chimney and it took days to get it out and the whole time Duchess was 'pointing' and saying Mommy, Mommy, fix the scary thing! Silly old cats!
      We are staying safe and well - you all do the same! xxx

    3. You have it right there, I'm the fixer, though he is quite angry with me today. Today is the 784th Corby Glen Sheep Fair, (do a quick search over on FB, they have a page) and he had to stay home. It's always my fault when that heppens, never Dad's haha! We tried taking him one year, but he just barks at every dog he passes, which means poor Mark can't actually do anything - like say hello to other dogs. Mark is one of those who dogs just come up to him to say hello. A great turnout this year, sun shining, lamb burger had for brunch and purchased chutneys and jams from each local vendor selling them! Stay safe and well xxx

  5. So glad you had a fun outing! Sounds delicious too! I couldn't tell from the schedule - do they have the dogs moving sheep around? Love to see that on the telly - wonderful teamwork. And only 784 years - guess they've got it right by now!
    Glad to know that Mark has dog appeal - Don does too! And cat appeal - there are several cats on our evening walk that chase after him to get some more ear rubs! I suppose Toby's nose is very out of joint - won't talk to you, ignores any comments - silly pup!
    Enjoy the jams and chutneys and stay safe and well. xxx

  6. I knew Mark had talent, but gingerbread too? Are his biscuits hollow? What a gem! Looked them up and found lots of recipes -have to give it a go. I'll surprise Don!
    Oh - the ants are gone! Don says they just ate all the termite bodies and waddled off but I think the ant bait helped - probably some of each. Anyway, I don't have to fight to get to the coffee!
    The new kit looks terrific - I think it might be a top seller!
    Travel safely, have a fun show, sell lots and lots, don't get too tired and stay safe and well. Hugs to all. xx

    1. Mark's gingerbread is a dark ginger cake/loaf, quite well spiced, his mum's recipe, moist and yummy. Grantham gingerbread is biscuits, crumbly - and quite different to ginger snaps for instance - very pale and equally lovely. Never tried making them as a local company makes them so well, we just buy from them - Hawkins Gingerbread :)
      So glad the ants have gone! Timing tomorrow will be fun, hopefully I won't get a grumbling stomach live at 5 haha!
      Take care and stay safe and well both xx

  7. No audible tummy rumbles! And the Grantham Button is off to a flying start. I'm glad you had a chance to have a visit with Debbie - she seems a real good egg. And the cookies were a hit too. I loved the Grantham demo - it never occurred to me that one ran the stripes in afterwards - just brilliant engineering from Team Silkworks!
    Hope the Toby Pup's tummy wasn't rumbling too loudly by the time you got home - safely, of course!
    I spoke too soon about the ants - but they have slowed to an episodic roar! I don't feel they are going to cover the bed and carry me off in tiny ant bites, just barricade the coffee maker! Don keeps saying they will go away and I keep swilling around with vinegar and/or boiling water.
    I'm off to Santa Barbara tomorrow to meet a friend at the art museum - she is up in San Luis Obispo, so S. B. is 100 miles for each of us. We had planned to shop 'til we dropped at a knitting/weaving shop but they seem to have closed (plague related, I think) so we settled for culture and a nice lunch. I will travel carefully, and all will stay safe and well here - you all do the same! xxx

    1. Oh thanks so much for tuning in. Debbie is a really lovely person, she actually presented my very first tv show back in 2011!
      As I write you will be travelling for your day out, which sounds like it will be wonderful. I expect you may even find somewhere else to shop :) Travel safe and have a lovely time.
      Sorry the ants haven't been smart. Seems there may be a cat about again - I've been told one's been spotted over the road, but hasn't been seen for ages. And, this morning, the back end of a small rabbit at the bottom of the garden.... have had a search about, can't see any kittens this side, so are hoping it is only the feral who has a clipped ear that we caught on camera a couple of years ago....
      Take care xxx

  8. Time does fly, doesn't it? 2011 seems like yesterday.
    The jaunt was a trifle challenging both ways - going to work traffic and road work made for a 2 3/4 hour drive. Very good, unusual salad for lunch with allsorts of bits and pieces chopped with delicious dressing - seriously yum!
    I have been finishing needlepoint ornaments and things for my friend, so that was a big show and tell (extremely cute plaid spider 'cupcake' pincushion - black metal legs and basket for cupcake, needlepoint plaid in acid green, purple, yellow, orange and black with a fussy black pompom for a head with bright yellow sewing pins for eyes - may sound weird but he was cute!), then we talked over the next batch of projects. Luckily there is no hurry, so I don't feel stressed by it all, then I did my show and tell with some inkle weaving, a fun wool and perle cotton panel (pocket front, I think) and two and a half dozen Yorkies using oddments of overdyed perle cotton and plain 1/2" shirt buttons for molds (Christmas gifts for my button groups). And suddenly it was 2:30 and time to head home, which took until 6:10 - yes, ick! Just lots of cars and roadwork, but I was able to get onto surface streets for the last 15 miles or so, which is much easier driving - you can pull over for a coffee or a pit stop! Safely home and I did have a good time, thank you.
    Sorry about the rabbit - I wish they would take their dinners away with them! Every so often the local coyotes will leave cat debris around - and it is just as icky as it sounds! Hope it is the feral and not a mum - fingers crossed.
    Looking forward to the Grantham video after dinner - thanks for posting.
    Hugs to all, stay safe and warm (it is 7:30pm here and 82' ). xxx