Thursday, March 09, 2023

Making a coiled gimp cord button - new tutorial

I hope everyone is doing well? As I write, it is snowing here in Lincolnshire, and can't quite make up it's mind if it is staying around for a while. At least I have lots of layers on!

Been quite busy recently, juggling as you do. So, the latest YouTube is a little shorter than usual - which may mean it ends up my most watched :)

I've given an online course and am preparing for a few more, as well as working on new products. And a few commissions too. And goodness, we are about to get into spring cleaning season!

I have even bigger plans for a clear out this year. I've even started - and things are being sorted properly for recycling. hmmm.

Speaking of YouTube, we have a plan for a new series of videos. It is however taking some practice on my part. Fingers crossed it will work. If it does, you will of course find out about it here first!

Keep warm and well and safe everyone, and thanks for stopping by


  1. Oh good! I just bought all nine colors of Lion Brand's gimp - nice range of soft earthy colors, black and a gorgeous rust. And of course there are vast quantities of recycled plastic buttons to be covered.
    Looking forward to the new videos - the production quality is going up with each one you make. And as for the clear out - I feel some grab bags coming!
    Do stay as warm and well and safe as possible. Hope you don't get lots of snow all at once - that is what happened in the local mountains - 5 to 10 feet in a few days leaves everyone in a pickle!
    Hugs all around. xx

    1. It decided overnight to dump enough to keep us here today. Can catch up on paperwork, but does mean orders get delayed. I just hope all my lovely tulips will be ok - they had all started popping up... Mind you, the snow will probably be gone in the morning, that's what usually happens.
      Thanks regarding the videos. I learn a little more every time, but don't think I'll ever be the slick production of some. Don't forget to show us any you make!
      Stay safe and warm and well both of you xx

  2. Looks like it was a good show - the third hand is always a winner! Hope the Toby pup took Mark for a nice walk and that you have all gotten homes safely. Feet up, nice bevy, rest before diving into the fray once more!
    All well here - still episodes of rain but our immediate area is in good order. Folks at the 4,500 ft level in the local mountains are still shoveling out from the snow (the last time it even came close was 1933 and there were only 1,000 to 2,000 people on the whole mountain (55,000 today), most of whom knew how to cope with nasty winter). I should tell you that it is about 80 miles or so to the area I'm talking about - it was a great place to grow up!
    Do stay safe and warm and well. xxx

  3. Hoisted by my own petard! IN a hurry to get lunch on the table and did not wash the cutting board - merely rinsed! Come home and find it covered with ants seeking some chicken for their supper! Ick, ick and ick! Oh well, all is now clean and ant free! Hope life is going reasonably well for you all - did the tulips survive the snowy bits?
    Safe and warm and well! xx

    1. Thankfully, the tulips seem to have survived, and the new little daffs have bulb heads now. Wild violets are in bloom along our hedge, so spring is definitely starting in earnest! Got home safely, did some packing yesterday and will continue today, no rest for the wicked haha! Ants aren't something we have to worry too much about, until the summer when they decided to get wings. The soil around here does seem to have its fair share of ant hills! Glad to hear that you are both well. Stay safe and warm! xxx

  4. Oh - wild violets! What bliss! Growing up where I did the closest I ever saw was a patch or two of Johny Jumpups which might have been from seed. I love arriving in England in April and seeing the daffodils on the banks of the Tube as we come into town - we just look at each other and grin from ear to ear (does not take a great deal to entertain us!). We are usually too late for the major tulip displays but March is a trifle chilly for our coastal California blood ;)
    Taught 16 embroiderers how to make a Singleton button today - they seemed to have a good time, everyone got one button made, and they have the knowledge and materials to do more, and I am just wiped out! Haven't taught anything in five or six years - thankful the Singleton is an easy one to teach.
    Hope all the plates are spinning nicely on their poles - stay warm and safe and well! xxx

    1. I'm so pleased the teaching went well. It does tire you out, doesn't it! 16 is a big number to get round as well :) We have lots of lovely tulip leaves, but don't expect flowers yet - the ones already established are at about the same place, so all's good. Some frilly daffs in the new lot are starting, I really must try to remember to photograph them as they are quite showy for little things! Plates are a-spinning, but a teeny bit ahead on current lot of paperwork, so not bad!
      Stay safe and well! xxx