Friday, March 31, 2023

Making a Yorkshire Flower button

Here's a new idea for your Yorkshire button loom - and I know that many of you will take this one a level or two and use the flowers on so many other textile projects. In fact, I'm reminded that quite a few of you already make cards with Yorkshire button flowers, and gorgeous they are too!

It's funny really - back when we created our first Yorkshire button kit 5 years ago, there wasn't one commercial kit on the market. We spent a lot of time testing the best tabs, material and sizes. Until then, people used cardboard looms or pins (as I describe in my Buttons book). Since then, we've been copied quite a few times - sadly, usually by people who have actually bought from us! And that is why we call our kit "The original & best". 😀

Don't forget, you can get our kit over on our website -


  1. Good video - like the softer lower voice tone - easier for old ears to hear! Good editing and pace - Team Silkworks is coming along!!!!! And the buttons are just delicious! Oh - hair and glasses also excellent.
    I was cruising through pin looms yesterday and did indeed see several round looms that seemed familiar - sad that people won't do their own research and development. I seem to be enmeshed in my grandmother's 1936 Loomette - more needlework accessories (will put up on Wednesday - thanks for the pointer to Ara!) and finally using some wonderful churro wool thrums, from a friend in New Mexico who weaves rugs, to make (someday!) a Joseph's Coat lap robe. This will be one of those very long term efforts, I am sure, but lovely and useful in the end.
    All is well here - the son just turned 55! We looked at each other in amazement because we aren't old enough for that! Weather cool and more rain and snow in the mountains but life seems to be going along.
    Hugs to all.xx

    1. Oh thank you! Glad you liked it. New hair, but old glasses! Have decided I hate my bi-focals, never could get used to them. I do like a vintage textile tool. I've a few old ones, amazes me the manufacture of some of them as you'd be hard pressed to get them done today. I have an old loomette in my box too. A Joseph's coat lap rug sound marvellous and cheery on a winter day! Sunshine more or less here, but terribly cold wind. Looks nicer out than it is! Let's agree not to talk about time flying by ;)
      Stay safe and well both of you!! xx

  2. And another fun show! And some very nice work on the part of Team Silkworks - the custom fabrics and templates are such a nice feature! Your blouse was good - nice buttons and good texture - showed well on camera. And the design team really went to town! That crystal and white Kanzashi necklace was magnificent. Hope Toby had a nice walk? All safely home and ready to start shipping? Hugs all around, stay safe and well and warm. xxx

    1. Thank you! It was a fast show that's for sure, didn't really expect things to be quite so popular, so very nice. A lot to do though, as we promised items on extended so they have to be packed as well as the orders. Was a long day on Thurs, up at 4am but still started as soon as we got back. Back in tomorrow to finish packing for collection by couriers on Monday. Toby always happy so long as he's with his Dad!
      Yes, Anne's necklace is wonderful and quite amazing. I am hoping I get invited to somewhere fancy to be able to wear it! Or maybe for my next zoom talk.... I'm very lucky to have Chris and Anne making things as I never have enough time to make the samples that come to mind.
      Take care and stay safe and well both of you, and thank you for making the effort to watch too xxx

  3. Started this note earlier and managed to lose it when I looked at something else - I am sure there is a way around it but my poor old Luddite brain can't cope ;(
    Spring is well and truly sprung here - extra blankets off the bed three nights in a row, shirtsleeve walks, and pink magnolias flaunting themselves all over town!
    Couldn't manage to figure out how to see Jan's show - I know she is very good at presenting your things and she seems to have a really good time learning. Wish her all the luck!
    Sorry about the internet woowoo - ours is dropping in and out lately so Don has taken to very frequent backups and I just resign myself to not being able to talk to you. Of course, I remember when 1 g was the speed of light! or so I was told , as Don taught himself programming, etc. all over the dining room table for years. Ah, those were the days! Your telephone is cheaper and does more and costs less than a room full of equipment used to.
    Gearing up for a button club meeting, a stitch and chat, a far away lunch date and the annual show for one button group - the calendar is full!!! Most of it will be fun but not all -the show can be rather wearing, but you know about that sort of thing :)
    Hugs all around and stay safe and well. xxx

    1. You do have a lot happening! And all sounds fun, but I know what you mean about wearing. It's all that best behaviour - take a lot of doing ;)
      Sat waiting for the engineer to see if they can sort out the internet. Hopefully they will as it is very difficult to manage with everything being online these days - including VAT returns.
      But yes, it is pretty amazing how things have progressed. My Dad took us to the computer room at the base once, giant machines in a huge room that had air conditioning. I just wish that if government is going to make everything have to be done online, they would ensure that the online is geared to the lowest rural connection, not the highest city one. Most farmers find it impossible to fill out their online subsidy documentation, as it will timeout before the next page opens!
      Our tulips are doing really well - yay! I'll need to pop a picture up. They are so pretty. Although we will probably end up with a storm and all the petals blown off.
      Safe well and safe, both of you xxx