Thursday, January 28, 2021

January blues


9 pointed star button by Gina Barrett of Gina-B Silkworks

We are nearly there folks... just hold on a little longer...

I have said it before, but January really is my least favourite month. I wish I could pinpoint why. Adding lockdown and quite a few things going wrong has made the month feel like three this year. And, I always find it hard to motivate and create in January. 

But I did manage this button. Challenge - a star with at least 8 points. So I think 9 is quite cool. Hint - to make your own, start with a foundation cross with 9 wraps for 18 spokes...

So, onward and upward - working on a new kit today, and will be filming this weekend. And all the rubbish things that have happened in January can soon be in the past. Why, I even have a shopping delivery booked for the weekend (the first since the middle of December)!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well, no matter what the month has been throwing at you. 


  1. Nine pointed star? You can't - oh, wait, you just did! And very lovely it is! And the colours are very 'end of January' - thank you.
    My jaw was aching all yesterday and all night - they did tell me it would take a couple of days for the "ouchy" to surface and they were right. Did finally get some proper sleep and all is much better - I'm not really complaining, because A) it would do no good and B) I no longer have an infected area with dead tooth and C) I have people who can and are fixing it, so there!!!
    Did you send us some of your January dismals? We have had wind and rain and gloom for days! I think there are little children who have never seen that wet stuff falling from the sky! We do need it though - the water table is low. It comes at the right time for the wild flowers - might be a very nice year for them.
    Happy shopping delivery - must feel a bit like Christmas, opening up all the packages - enjoy and stay warm and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. Shopping arrived today, yes, it was nice getting in things I haven't had for a while - our local shop doesn't have some things :)
      So glad that you got some sleep. You will probably start to feel better generally too, now that your body isn't constantly fighting that infection.
      Stay warm and - dry! - and well, both of you xxx

    2. Took a look at the wrapping video - did you notice the lightbulb going on? Well done.
      The last of the hunt and gather this afternoon and a take away supper - don't you hate those massive dishwashing days when you have two forks and a spoon? And we brought home ice cream for dessert! So decadent - Cherry Garcia.
      I'm just finishing the embroidery on some buttons using Dutch whitework - will send pictures.
      Do stay warm and dry and well. xxx

    3. January is over! Daffodils soon! That's how we know we are really back in England - daffodils on the Piccadilly Line! Daffodils and tulips don't like southern California - much to warm in the winter. The truly dedicated gardeners take up their bulbs and force chill them. Be brave - the gloom will be gone soon. C in C xxx

    4. I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner - I honestly thought that I had! No, I don't have a dishwasher. Our water is actually pumped to tanks - I don't think the system would handle a dishwasher! So I seem to have a mountain every day...
      I think the lighting is actually my hand in front of the light, casting a shadow every once in a while. Trying to adjust as I go.
      Oh, the whitework sounds wonderful! Do share!
      Wet and drab and cold today. I did see a peek of snowdrops on our walk though. That does take some dedication to force chill the bulbs! My late father in law would have probably done that. He was an excellent gardener.
      Stay well and warm and safe xxx